Friday, March 3, 2017

On dissertastelessness

A Non-At-All Comprehensive (But Nevertheless Somewhat Lengthy and Ambitious) List of Things I Shall Do Once I Finish My PhD Dissertation (Also, Haven't I Written This Post Before Only Then It Said MA Not PhD?)

(in no particular order)

(But numbered. For kicks)

  1. Sleep (Okay, that IS the proper order. I want to sleep a full night again, without waking up in the middle wondering if I should a. get back to work, b. try to get a few more minutes of restless zzz, or c. kill the zombie that surely has gotten a hold off my foot because aaaarghh why am I tossing and turning EVEN WHEN I'm asleep???)
  2. Sleep (for good measure)
  3. Bake something. I long for baking things. Bread. Cakes. Elaborate architectural miracle mysteries. Anything. 
  4. Spend time with people. People that are alive and well and who are not presidents of the United States (or anywhere else, really)
  5. Do laundry (possibly, I should consider doing this before #4. But hey, I *said* in no particular order...)
  6. Walk. Outside. 
  7. Read a book (and not one that is written by/about presidents of the United States. Or elsewhere)
  8. Observe spring. I hear it's on its way. 
  9. Try to break the terrible eating habits I have gotten used to these past weeks months years. 
  10. Succeed. 
  11. Learn how to breathe again. Think yoga breaths. In fact, maybe what I really mean is getting back into yoga. 
  12. Do yoga. 
  13. Continue swimming, The one good habit I've managed to hold onto (which in turn is the one thing which has maintain the sliver of sanity I have left). 
  14. Not sit down and stare at a screen 18 hours a day. 
  15. Learn how to reply to the question "How are you?" with something other than a. a lie, b. a grunt, or c. a truth so painfully true that people surely never will ask you that ever again
  16. Maybe blog more?
  17. Buy myself some nice things. I am thinking new phone and possible some shoes. I feel like I've earned it. 
  18. Get some order back into my economy.
  19. Figure out how I can combine # 17 and #18...
  20. Learn how to dance. Like, take a class. 
  21. Sleep. 
  22. Oh, and teach some classes. I need to pretend I know stuff about things before I start seeing students like two seconds after I finish. Gah. Maybe they will accept that I teach a class about something else than what the class is supposed to be about? I'm sure Baking 101 is pretty useful as a part of a history major. 
  23. Sleep.
  24. I think I should probably get started on # 23 right away...


Kelly said...

Number 16 would be nice. I always enjoy seeing you pop up in my reader.

Jan Morrison said...

Oh shite - I got that fuckwit on my blog too! I'm not an American woman and you aren't either but what we know is that guy won't stop hating at the border - he'll keep on.

Hi dear gal - so glad to read you again! A doctorate eh? When will that be? Sleep is good - so is swimming. Hope you swim through the process but not sleep!

Cruella Collett said...

Thank you, Kelly! That is really sweet of you! I always find your comments very enjoyable too - and it's impressive that someone bothers sticking around when I've been so absent the last few years.

Dear Mr. Spambot-Hate-Spewing-Creep-Dude. You are wrong. American women, some of them in particular, are wonderful and special people and lovely individuals that deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, just like American men, AND both men and women elsewhere in the world. I won't spend time clicking on your link, as I assume it will infect my computer with a virus or some such thing, but I encourage you to change your ways and stop being a spambot. I can assure you, it would improve you quality of life.

Jan! So good to see you around! It truly is a testament to my lack of blogging for a loooong time if the fact that I'm doing a doctorate is news - as the dissertation is due in two weeks(!). With luck, I'll be adding the letters PhD to the end of my name sometime this fall! :)

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