Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Chris Hughes, Adam Hills, and why you should know them both

If you don’t know who Chris Hughes is, don’t worry. It will be revealed. If you don’t know who Adam Hills is, however, you should worry, especially if you’re Australian. If you’re not Australian (like me, incidentally), it's not terribly strange if you don’t know who Adam Hills is, but it nevertheless is a shame. You see, Adam Hills is quite possibly the funniest man on the planet.

Yes I shamelessly love him and adore him, and I will soon reveal why, but first, let me tell you how we met.

Do you know my friend Ylva? No? She is also a very funny person (but not a man, so she is definitely not the funniest man on the planet), and I happen to know she occasionally reads my blog because she (like me, incidentally) is in the unfortunate self-inflicted hell of thesis-writing. Sort-of self-inflicted, seeing as we won’t get the jobs we want without an education. Not that we will get any jobs anyway…

When not using my blog for procrastination material, Ylva is a real champion on Facebook and YouTube. (She is also a real champion when it comes to thesis-writing, and motherhood, and friendship and stuff, but that is besides the point.) She occasionally shares the results of her talent for finding weird (often Australian, for some reason) YouTube videos on Facebook with me. Thus Ylva introduced me to Adam (remember him? I was about to tell you how we met? This was how we met…) Hills.

After having spent ridiculous amounts of time forcing myself not to blurt out in laughter in public because I was watching Adam Hills’ show “Joymonger and Characterful”on YouTube when I really should be working, I forgot how to end this long sentence. No, wait, here we go. After having watched “Joymonger and Characterful”, I realized that even though I had spent the entire time laughing (I might warn you – while most of it is ‘general funny’, some of it is ‘Australia funny’. You might not think that a Norwegian who has never visited Australia would be able to enjoy ‘Australia funny’ any better than you can [unless you are, of course, Australian yourself. In which case I assume you have ‘Australia funny’ in the roots {*snort* If you didn’t understand what was funny about that I am officially declaring myself as more ‘Australia savvy’ than you, regardless of the amount of time you may have spent there}]. Be aware, though, that this Norwegian has had hours of practice from watching “The Chaser’s War on Everything”. I even know my fair share of Aussie domestic politics because of the Chaser). Anyway – I should try to finish this sentence soon…

After having watched “J&C” I realized that even though I had spent the entire time laughing, it was a different kind of laughing. Because Adam Hills is never mean. It’s hard these days, isn’t it, to do comedy without being mean. Whenever I try to be funny, for instance, I cause terrible psychological damage to grammar and parentheses. It is unavoidable. Yet Adam (I almost feel we’re on a first-name basis by now) Hills (only almost) manage to be hilarious without his jokes mocking anyone, really, with the possible exception of himself. Because he does have an incredible sense of self-irony.

There is a lot of Adam Hills on YouTube, but once I had seen most of it I decided I wanted more. As it is pretty darned difficult to stalk people who are living on the other side of the planet, I was thrilled to find that Adam has a blog! I was even more thrilled to learn that during his current tour – appropriately named “Mess Around” – he would be posting summaries from each show on his blog.

I’ve read, I’ve laughed, and I’ve wished I could be there. In writing moment, Adam Hills (must try to get on first-name basis soon) is performing in Melbourne. While I don’t know a lot of people in Australia (notable exceptions include a couple of Harry Potteriacs, and then the guys from the Chaser, but I guess it is a stretch to say I know them…), I do know someone in Melbourne. I am currently trying to convince her to go see Adam (yay!), but she has so far been busy doing other things, like trying to get a job (nay!) Hello! Priorities!

I believe I have introduced Adam properly now, so let’s move on to Chris. Chris Hughes was the (un)fortunate audience member of one of Adam’s early shows in Melbourne who was picked by the comedian to become famous. More famous than Shiloh Jolie Pitt (one of the many childlings of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, otherwise known as Brangelina), who is famous for being famous and thus not actually all that interesting.

Chris Hughes, on the other hand, will be famous for stripping on Federation Square (in Melbourne, I can only assume) if Adam Hills manages to raise at least 20 000 Australian dollars by the end of the ongoing 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Even though the cause of getting someone to embrace their nudity is good on its own (or what do you say, Tami?), Chris Hughes only agreed to do this if the money raised will go to the Simon Rhoden Foundation which is aiding people with cystic fribrosis.

Once I had read the blog, I immediately found the Official Chris Hughes Fanclub on Facebook and joined. I don’t have any particular interest in making Chris Hughes famous. I do think the Simon Rhoden Foundation sounds like a worthy cause. I am slightly infatuated with Adam Hills (even if we’re back on using his full name…).

But in reality there is another reason why I support this project. I love the kind of dugnadsånd (I have explained the meaning of this on a previous occasion) it creates. People are coming together to work for the greater good, whether they believe this greater good as raising money for a charity, making a man strip or deranking Shiloh as a celebrity. In a way, Adam Hills’ effort (and method of choice) to make Chris Hughes famous is the power of the internet materialized (and in a strange way it reminds me of the enthusiasm displayed on – way to sneak a giraffe into this post as well, Cruella!). Because of the internet, a girl is right now sitting in the rather uninteresting city/town of Kongsvinger in Norway, doing her best to pull the few strings available to her to promote an Australian comedian’s latest stunt.

This poster was made, in true dugnadsånd, by other audience members from one of Adam Hills’ shows. It can be downloaded from his blog, and Adam Hills strongly encourages YOU to do so, print it out and hang it up wherever you may be. If you then take a picture of it (I will!) and send it to Adam (Hills), he might mention it on his blog (or even in one of his shows - who knows [accidental rhyme])!

So, whether you are a regular reader or a random stopper-by (I ought to get a few of those seeing as I have the randomest collection of googlable search words assembled in this post – many of my first-time visitors come from some very weird google searches indeed…), I strongly encourage you to visit and join the Chris Hughes Fanclub on Facebook; to seek out Adam Hills on YouTube (or if you’re lucky enough to be in Australia – check his blog for tour dates); and to print out the Chris Hughes poster and hang it up somewhere.

Finally, in the spirit of the dugnad, I’d like to try to start another quest. As mentioned, I currently have another friend (mutual friend of Ylva and me, actually) staying in Melbourne. This is, also as mentioned, where Adam is performing shows, right now! While the quest to make Chris Hughes famouser (alright, more famous) than Shiloh Jolie Pitt is certainly an extremely worthy cause, I also think that making Ida going to a show with Adam Hills (or possibly the Chris Hughes strip night) is almost as good a cause. I don’t know if Ida is reading my blog (I might persuade her to do so), but I’d nevertheless like to appeal to her through the blogging community: Ida! Make sure to show up to be my extended link to Adam (first name!)!


Ylva said...

Wonderful! Let´s bug Ida in to going! I want her to be my extension to!

Garbage Trucks in African Villages said...

I've heard of Adam Hills from "Mock the Week" -- a UK panel show. He showcased his prosthetic leg.

Anonymous said...

I live in Brisbane and was blessed to see one of his shows. I too wish i could be in melbourne right now... *sigh* he's as gorgeous in real life as what u see on tv and the internet. Ida go to his show You'll regret it if you don't...

Caz said...

Aren't you lucky! Adam Hills did mention you on his blog. Thus how I found you.

I certainly hope you got your friend to go! tickets are sold out, so I'm missing out :-( but I too tried to get creative with his poster.

And perhaps I'll attend the strip show in Fed Square and send you some photos of the whole event!

Julia said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog (I came across it while reading Adam Hills' blog...) and I like the face that there are more people stalking him from this side of the globe. I live in Germany and I have been to Australia but have never seen him in my life, so I could really relate to what you're writing. I agree, that your friend should go and see him, I'm trying to talk my Australian friends into that too :-)

Cruella Collett said...

Ylva - you clever thing... I knew you had to have something to do with this...

Garbage Trucks - isn't he great? So far he has never failed to make me smile :) (see!)

Anonymous - I envy you!!! Wish I could go. This just means I'll have to petition for him to go on tour for whenever I get to go down under too. Or, he could come to Norway! And I'll make sure to pass the message on to Ida!

Caz - I know! I was so stunned, especially since I made no attempt to notify him about this post. But then I realized Ylva did... (I love the Internet!) And I'd LOVE some pictures from the Fed Square event (wohoo - I just called it Fed Square. Does that mean I gained another point on the Aussie savvy scale?)

Julia - thank you! I love the fact that this little post brought a fresh batch of Adam Hills fans over here (not that the old one wasn't good, but you know - always nice to meet new people!). Perhaps we should form the Adam Hills Overseas Stalker Foundation (AHOSF)? ;)

Julia said...

Sounds like an idea! You know, I started reading the blogs at the end of last year when he just finished his tour around the UK. So I'm hoping he'll be on this side of the world some time this year, too. Probably not Germany or Norway, but England is not that far away for both of us!

Cruella Collett said...

And we could have our the first international summit of the AHOSF there! Brilliant!

Julia said...

Yay, let's do that!

Ylva said...

Me to!! Can I join? I am a faboulous stalker. Specially when it comes to Australians aparently...

Cruella Collett said...

Ylva, you should definitely join! I forgot to include "stalking Australians" in the list of things you are a champion in, but I can vouch for your championness in that area as well ;)

Ida said...

Hahahahaha.... Jeg har ikke lest bloggen din før nå. Bare fordi jeg har ikke helt skjønt om det var en blogg eller hva det var (ikke noe teknisk vidunder jeg nei..) og fordi jeg har følt at jeg ikke helt har tid. Jeg har mer enn nok med fb, egentlig litt for mye. Men - Gud! Du og Ylva MÅ jo bare komme dere ned hit da!!!! Especially siden du er så Australian savvy, og btw, det er nok helst 'aussie savvy'. Australiere har en tendens til å forkorte/ omgjøre kjente substantiv til 2-stavelsesord - man bør jo ikke gjøre det for vanskelig ;)

Og, haha, jeg ante ikke at du (og Ylva) var SÅ inne i Mr. Hills, haha. Æsj, nå syntes jeg jo i hvert fall at jeg burde gå , kjipt at billettene var utsolgt. Men, jeg skal gjøre mitt beste for å gå på lørdagen, kanskje jeg får dratt med meg Lloyd også :) Vet du når det er - den 17 eller 24?

Jeg må si jeg er ganske stolt at jeg har ei venninne som er linket til AV Adam Hills!! haha
Og at det er noe crazy/ latterlig hvordan det nå er totalt ukjente personer fra ulike verdensdeler som syntes jeg burde gå å se på et komi-show, hahaha....

Du og Ylva = too funny! Jeg har også vurdert det til at dere må også være mestere i å prokrastinering og digressjoner. Lol.

Og, jeg synes dere har masse gode grunner til å besøke australia nå!!!

Wish you were here.

Hilsen Ida i kengu-land.

Anonymous said...

I was at the original show where they found Chris in the audience :)
I then made the Facebook group, and now 420 odd fans later we have more than $6000 raised :D

Cruella Collett said...

Ida - jeg har etter hvert skjønt at det er Aussie som gjelder... Skal holde meg til det i fremtiden ;)
Ta med deg Lloyd (den 17. tror jeg. Jepp, den 17. klokka halv fire) og få dere en god latter! (Og hils Adam!)
(Jeg kan overhodet ikke forstå hva du mener med at Ylva og jeg prokrastinerer...)

Anonymous - one of the Original Disciples! I think the Facebook group was brilliant, but we should find some way of making more people join (and donate) before the 17th! The fact that you've already raised so much is great, though! Amazing what the Internet can do, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I was at a show where he found Molly who is going to be the MC. It was amazing, He tried to find the youngest person in the audience to sit next to an older guy who looked like Santa. She's someone to keep an eye out for in the comedy scene in the future. I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering how it would work with such a young girl interacting with him on stage, but she carried it off with such confidence.
I arrived feeling pretty down about the world, and left feeling life wasn't so bad after all. It's all so wholesome and feel good - found it hard to hear as I was laughing so much, tears streaming down my face - needed more tissues than I had in my bag to mop up.
In the show I was at, he took a photo of the audience waving to someone in ... hmm, Canada maybe, anyhow, perhaps you could look at the photo and think of us all waving to you up there in Norway? I hope to get over to Fed Square on Sunday to join in the fun.
So pleased he mentioned your blog.

Cruella Collett said...

Anonymous - I am so jealous that you got to see him live! I really, really need to go to Australia soon!

So, today is the big day, huh? Sending my best regards to anyone close enough to Melbourne to actually have a chance to be there (was closa enough to Melbourne, I should probably say - with the time difference it might alredy be over, and here I have been internetless all day!)

Hope he stripped to the bone! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cruella, you're not going to believe this, and I'm really, really ashamed to confess.


I missed it

I got the day wrong

I'm so sorry. I was going to take a photo of it all for you, and try to work out how to post it

but there you have it

I'm sure there will be assorted postings elsewhere (fingers x'd)

No excuse other than reading the day wrong, going down the beach for a swim, and not checking till we were about to head off just now

I'm somewhat annoyed with myself.

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