Friday, February 1, 2013

On Digressuary

If you have visited Tami lately, you'll already have heard of it (and if you haven't, you should). She decided that the month of February - with its many potential pitfalls for those prone to gloominess - should be banned. Or at least improved. By adding digressions, and the general principles of our (somewhat dormant) religion Digressionism. Hence, Digressuary was created.

Feel free to join in. There's no fee. Very few requirements. We simply want to avoid letting the February gloom take hold of us and instead stand strong through such "hardships" as continued winter (gah), and the sillies holidays Groundhog Day (bah, though I liked the movie...) and Valentine's Day (meh). I know. We're such fragile creatures.

But honestly. I live in Norway. We have lots of winter. In December it's lovely. Early January it's still kind of cute. But come February, I'm really getting over it. Principle-wise, I am in favour of Norway having winter in February, 'cause otherwise we'd be looking at an (even more) severe case of global climate change and all that. But frankly, when I wade through my third straight month of snow/ice/slush, I'm so fed up I'm seriously considering migrating south (which I did, incidentally, last week, but only for a short relaxation injection before stress closes in on me again at work).

And, perhaps worse, is that due to my latitude, winter does not only mean cold and snowy weather - it also means very little light. Light, people. I am light deprived!

This is actually true. My doctor called the other day to tell me my vitamin D test came out with bleak results. Her suggested cure was to take supplements (and, implied, try to get some sun ((but there is (((almost))) NO sun!!!)) and eat more fish, but it just dawned on me - what I lack isn't just the "regular" vitamin D - I lack vitamin Digression! Obviously, I haven't been digressing enough!

So, Tami's idea of a good Digressuary is plenty of "play, be silly and digress". I heartily agree. Somewhere in there a very hungry-for-fun Cruella is still lurking, I'm sure. It's high time I lured her back out.


Powdered Toast Man said...

My doctor recommended Sun in a bottle to me. It has all the benefits of the sun without the risk of sun burn. It's packed with Vitamin D. Only $874.63 (plus shipping and over handling)

Hart Johnson said...

HA! YAY for Digressuary!!! Glad you are climbing on board publically and not just privately!

Kas said...

I totally support Digressuary. I love reading yours & Hart's digressions of all kinds! Also, as much as I love winter & snow & darkness... I have a feeling I would be going crazy by the third month straight of it also. Sending sunny thoughts (best I can do..) your way!

Mark Murata said...

Even in the state of Washington, people are often advised to get more vitamin D.

estetik said...

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