Thursday, January 31, 2013

On cloudiness

Today, this picture haunts me:

It's from artist Berndnaut Smilde's clever use of a fog machine and just the right amount of humidity, temperature (and light) to create a real (as opposed to photoshopped) indoors cloud.

Also, I feel cloudy.

No, there is no actual indoor cloud hanging over me, though occasionally it seems that way. I'm not trying to overestimate my own problems here, and I realize that the image of a personal cloud is a worn one. But bear with me. Think of it as a real cloud - in reality, clouds come in many shapes and densities, and mine, at the moment, isn't a dark thundery cloud. It is also not a light, summery whips of coolness in an otherwise perfect blue sky. It's somewhere in between. The cloud thickens some days, and other days I can see the rays of sun behind it. Sometimes a cloud comes in handy - it lends shade when the light is too bright. Other days you wish you could escape it.

My current cloud has a pink shear to it - I see good things for me, both in my present and future. Though my cloud also has some darker areas, as if it's about to rain (or more likely, since it's Norway and January, snow).

I can't do anything about the weather. I can't stop my cloud from erupting into rain, snow or even full storm. But I can try to prepare myself for whatever may come. Wear a coat. Bring an umbrella. Try not to take it personally if the sky falls in my head.

And in the meantime I am fortunate enough to be one of those people who enjoy watching cloud formations.


Kas said...

I love this, Mari. I think I live with a similar cloud. Sometimes it's a sunnier, wispier cloud... other times I have to duck to avoid the lightning.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love the photo, especially as it hasn't been photoshopped. Very clever!

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