Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On today

7 am. Not ready to get up yet. Have to get up. Gets up. Someone else in the bathroom. Notices pile of - trash? - in the hallway. Hopes this will be away soon. Goes back to bed. Gets back up. Bathroom free. No towel. Gets back to room, picks up towel. Someone else in the bathroom. Goes back to room, but not back to bed. Checks Facebook. Stupid Facebook. Goes back to bathroom, with towel. Takes a shower. Gets shampoo in the mouth. Nearly slips on wet bathroom floor. Goes back to room. Dries hair. Gets dressed. Almost gets mascara on both eyeballs. Manages to get it off the one. Has quick breakfast. Brushes teeth. Leaves house.

Twists ankle due to stupid shoes. Gets weirded out by staring hobo. Arrives at work slightly too late.

Lecture preparation. Small talk with professor. Gets compliment from said professor - a 60 year old man - about "lovely summer dress". Not sure this is a good thing.

Lecture. Few students attend. Those who do are largely quiet. Tries to engage them. Only moderately succeeds.

Lunch. Nice talk with friend. Lots of complicated topics. Gets support for difficult and conflicted decision. Stays too long. No motivation to go back to work.

Facebook. Stupid Facebook.

New meeting with another friend. Flat mate shows up. Good talk. Slight sunburn.

Reading outside. Finding book to simplistic. Annoyed.

Dinner. Not sure about meat anymore. Vegetarianism? Hmm...

New lecture. Listening this time. Four hours. Still my students. Everyone says hello. Feels famous. Not liking it. Lecture drawing out. Topics are familiar. As they should be. Small talk with this professor too. More lecture. More lecture still. Illegible notes. Fine.

Walk home. Twists ankle due to stupid shoes. No yogurt in shop. No yogurt in second shop either. Magically avoids buying something else. Walks up stairs. Less tired than last week. Opens door to find pile of trash still there. No idea whose it is. No alternative to take it out. Annoyed. Wants to knock on doors and find culprit. Goes to kitchen instead. Also a mess. No one took out the clean dishes from the dishwasher. Even more annoyed. Goes to bathroom to start washing machine. Washing machine not working. Annoyed enough to make garlic bread. Not annoyed enough to do anything about trash or mess or washing machine.

Writing. Angry. Checks Facebook. Stupid Facebook. Wants to hit something. Writing more still.



Someone coming. Culprit?

Not culprit.

Should read.

Will read.

Should sleep.

Will sleep.


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Those darn staring hobos. However...maybe he was staring at you because he had never seen someone so beautiful and thought he'd get an eyefull before it went away.

Cruella Collett said...

That is very sweet - thank you - but I hardly believe this was the case. It probably had more to do with my beautiful wallet, I suspect...

LL Cool Joe said...

So all in all a great day then? :D

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