Monday, March 26, 2012

On my desk

...there is a bottle, empty, but it once contained orange juice. No longer. Someone drank the juice. Me, presumably.

On my desk there is also a postcard, blank, but I originally bought it with someone specific in mind. I still look at it from time to time and find a special guilt in my heart. I should write the postcard soon-ish.

There is a telephone, or two, actually. One is my cell phone of five years this fall. It's been with me through a lot - across oceans, through a master's thesis, several jobs. I've had good news and great news and terrible news and oh-well-it's-probably-for-the-best-news handed to me through it. I've heard voices I despise, and voices I love. Texts that have made me cry. Some that made me glow.
The other phone is the land line to the office I currently occupy. It's rarely in use. This morning it nearly startled me to death, as I'm not used to the sound of it. The conversation was comical and irrelevant.

On my desk there is a Starbucks travel mug. Sakura 2011 edition. I bought it sometime in the early spring last year, expecting to actually be able to see the 2011 sakura blossom in Tokyo. Then the earthquake changed my plan. I hold no grudge against the mug, though.

There is a timetable on my desk. It is too full for my liking.

On my desk there is a pair of sunglasses. They long for usage.

On my desk there is a lot of papers. Some of them belong there, some of them really don't. I should take some time to organize them. I probably won't.

A couple of books - history books - open on the pages of "World War Two" are covered with a pair of gloves and a cheerful scarf.

Another pair of sunglasses. They too long for usage.

On my desk there is three pairs of earrings and two regular rings. And then a keyring. With lots of keys on it. Most of them are to my apartment (4), the rest (3) are for a) work; b) my parents' house; and c) and old bike I haven't used for at least ten years. The figurines attached to the keychain are all bought in Japan, but with 8 years in between.

I have three types of lipgloss and/or lipbalm lying around on my desk.

The various equipment for writing include: one keyboard, three ballpoint pens, two pencils - one of them red, three different colours of highlighters, two felt-tip pens, one "gel-ink" marvel.

On my desk there is a watch. It's not working. Benefit: I didn't have to adjust it for daylight saving this weekend.

Post-it notes of at least three different shapes and colours are spread across the desk.

There is a water bottle on my desk.

On my desk there are two fairly good loudspeakers. The problem is that they only work about half the time.

On my desk there is a dead fly. It's been sitting in that exact position since I moved into this office in October.


Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

I think your desk moved to my office :0)

Kelly said...

My daughter is defending her Master's Thesis this week.

I hope you'll be able to put those sunglasses to use soon. In the meantime, get rid of that fly!

Yvonne Osborne said...

You need to get rid of the fly! I could never confess to all the stuff in my writing nook. But one thing I'm very attached to and proud of is my old Webster dictionary. I'll never get rid of it.

Chary Johnson said...

My desk is dusty with tons of papers that I need to grade. :(

Deb and Barbara said...

Man, I love this! Desk = good. Thanks for the visuals...even the fly. B

nonamedufus said...

And just how big is this desk?

Jan Morrison said...

your desk talks! It is so chatty and has told me so much about you. I love a chatty desk.

Cruella Collett said...

It's a big, chatty desk, indeed. And yes, I need to trade the fly for a decent dictionary (I usually use online ones, if anything at all). Hear you on the papers, Chary - been there, going there again. Congrats to Kelly's daughter, and yay: Sharing an office with Mary? :D

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