Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On randouvites, part three

These are a few of my current randouvite things:

Cucumbers. Small ones.

My most recent playlist on Spotify. Not that I'm letting you in on the songs thereof.

Danish newspapers. Haha. Seriously, though.

The colour mustard yellow. And how it totally goes with green. And navy blue.


My creepy mp3-player. It's creepy because even if I keep it on "shuffle", every day when I come from work it starts playing Simon & Garfunkel's "A Hazy Shade of Winter" as I pass the exact same house. Seriously. This has happened four times now. (And no, that song is not on my playlist. Ha!)

A hazy shade of wintery sunrises even if it's still autumn. But our light is leaving. So it's nice to cherish the sunrises we have. (Okay, our light isn't leaving, per se, but we have less of it now. We're reaching the point where you leave the house in darkness, and come back home after work in darkness.)

Mmmoney. Let's be honest. We all love it. I love having some again. Even if I'm still quite broke.

Reading time with my nephews.

Having a beer with friends after work. That I have friends. And work.

Fleet Foxes. (Went to their concert - they are seriously AMAZING!) (Fine. Yes. They are represented on my playlist)

That November is moving forward, at a reasonable pace.

My red lipgloss. Rrrred!

That the Oslo-metro system is all in the same price zone now. Man, that bothered me before!

Dates. As in the fruit. Dried. Other meanings of the word? Meh.

Candles. (Yes, I know I already said that)


The smell of cold in the air in the morning.

That it isn't raining. Not always.

That I can be as weird as I like in the privacy of my own office (and on my own blog, apparently).

The word "seriously".


Jessica Bell said...

Ha! Your MP3 player sounds like my kinda gal :) lolol

LL Cool Joe said...

I just bought myself a yellow mustard hoodie and when I first put it on I thought I looked like a discoloured Spongebob, but it's growing on me. Like fungus.

Cold As Heaven said...

I never understood the Oslo metro system. Think I've been traveling illegal many times, as I wasn't aware of this ticket validation thing. But I did pay >:D

Cold As Heaven

Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

I like grooveshark. I've never tried spotify.

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