Monday, October 17, 2011

On nail polish

I'm gonna have a shallow-moment here, and recommend all the lovely ladies out there (and those of the men in touch with their feminine sides, I guess) to invest in a MAT TOP COAT to reinvent all those nail polishes you are tired of. Red? Try matte red. Black? Matte black. Sparkly? Matte sparkly! Everything goes with matte, and it looks so - elegant. Worldy. Sophisticated. Lush velvet matte nails. Your hands will thank me.

(Also - I know that it is perhaps more commonly spelled "mat", but that just doesn't scream elegant, worldly, sophisticated, and lush like matte does. So there.)

Picture proof:

(For the record, none of these nails are mine. I couldn't be bothered to take a picture of my - equally velvety, but less perfectly manicured - nails)

(For the other record, this has been a public service announcement in no way sponsored [seriously. It was expensive as crap. I mean crack. And no one offered to pay me to write that. I would totally let them. But for some reason, this seems not offered to me. Hrmf!].)

(If  someone is keeping a record at all - for that record - this blog will return to non-shallow, non-girly topics tomorrow. I promise. I know I said that with the ecards too, but this time I mean it. Really. I think.)


Deb and Barbara said...

I who never wear nail polish have worn it exactly 3 times in the last 6 weeks. It's crazy how grownup one feels with it on. I haven't seen the matte look yet, but I love love love it!

Kelly said...

I really like the look of this. My daughter has gotten into something called "crackle" (or some such) that gives a really clever finish to her nails. I'll forward this post on to her.

Cold As Heaven said...

Black is cool. And, you know, black topics don't have to be shallow >:)

Cold As Heaven

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