Saturday, October 8, 2011

On ecards

I'm not really fond of ecards. I feel they were a thing waaaay back when the internet was still a novelty, when the average person received less than 20 emails per day, and when our needs for non-flesh social interaction wasn't covered by social media. The last ten years or so, however, whenever I receive emails that say they have ecards in them, I automatically assume they are spam.

Still. Now I'm kinda hooked at these meme cards that are flying around the interwebs. They. Are. Freakin'. Hilarious. I've probably spent hours browsing that site to find the perfect card to "send" to every person I've ever interacted with. And you'll find them. has a card for any occasion. You want to send a thank you note to your cousin who took the blame for you when you got caught stealing sigarettes in the fifth grade? Should be there. You want a unique way of telling your neighbour you're sorry your dog bit his foot off? Pretty sure you'll find one. You want a card expressing that extra-special feeling you have for a guy you almost slept with, but as you were about to take your top off you remembered that you hadn't shaved your legs and so you made up a silly excuse and now it's all awkward? Yeah. There is a card for that.

Plus, they make the perfect blog fodder for days when you don't really have anything to write about.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That one certainly made me laugh!

Michael Offutt said...

Yeah I'm with Alex. Very funny.

Jan Morrison said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I'm going to go get lost in this site...see you later!

Rev Rosey said...

Just made the potentially fatal error of checking out this site. I can see a day slip-sliding away right now.

lissa said...

I like them, they are quite funny. I also like those motivation posters that suppose to motivate but really are just funny sayings.

have a sweet day.

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