Saturday, October 2, 2010

On cruises

This morning, my parents left for a cruise in the Mediterranean.

Am I jealous? Yes.

Do I think they have deserved it? Yes.

Is it a compensation that I get to babysit their house while they are away? Definitely.

For a week I will eat their food, sit by the fireplace, take long baths, watch their giant TV, and generally have the time of my life. Oh, and I mean to work some too...

So even if my parents get to see Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey; even if they get to dine on board of a luxury ship; even if they are on vacation and I am stuck with my thesis - it's almost okay. In fact, I think it might be just fine. Swell, even.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I sincerely hope they have a wonderful time. You will too I'm sure.

Have a wonderful week-end.

M.J. Nicholls said...

I take it we're all invited to the late-night rave? I will prepare my stripy radon trews and clip-on mohican for the happening. Rock on.

Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like both you and your parents are in for a good week, even though you have that 'thing' to do. Have a great day. :)

Thoughts in Progress

nonamedufus said...

Oo-ee-oo-ee, baby...won't you let me take you on a sea cruise. Sorry, you put that earworm in my head and I just had to get it out.

Jules said...

So are you watching the giant TV while in the tub soaking off the residue from the fire and eating your parents food? Did I get that right? :D

Life couldn't get much better :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Anonymous said...

There is something about taking care of your parents house while they are away, no matter how old you are, that just feels so awesome. It's an extra space to hang out, find some peace and quiet and get away for a bit without leaving too much of your real life behind. - G

The Golden Eagle said...

I hope your parents have a good time on their cruise! It sounds like you'll be having fun home alone. :)

Boonie S said...

Don’t worry. One day your boat will come in.

All the best, Boonie

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Do I sense trouble and mischief?

Cruella Collett said...

Yvonne - I hope so too :)

Mark - yes! You're in charge of dip and E.

Mason - let's hope you're right!

Noname - you can take me on a cruise any day! As long as you're paying, of course...

Jules - that definitely sounds right. Though it was a pain to move the tub into the living room ;)

Georgina - exactly. Plus their house is about ten times bigger than my flat.

TGE - thank you :)

Boonie - yay! I'll be cruisin' around then!

Alex - erm.... No? *whistles innocently*

Kelly said...

Sounds like you got a pretty good deal there.

You might suggest to them that a cruise for you would make a nice reward for finishing your thesis!

Anonymous said...

That does sound pretty swell. Enjoy it and make the most of it! Just try not to let the big V distract you from your thesis. ;]

Agh, how the thought of a cruise makes me envious. I've never been on one but my mom's gone on a few to the Caribbean. I'm hoping I can go on one next year!

Anonymous said...

The big TV, I mean... xD

HulaBuns said...

Enjoy your relaxing weekend! Hopefully they stocked up on lots of yummy food for you before they left. Also, good luck with finishing your thesis. :)

Bridge Marie said...

I hope it's a nice time and that they stalked up on good food before you get there!

Aleta said...

We just got back from a cruise to Hawaii - anyone who reads my blog will be bored to tears with the NaBloWriMo, because it's going to be about the trip, mostly... probably a good 10 days of blogging about Hawaii - yep, I think the readers will be annoyed, but it helps to fill in what to blog about. Lol.

My family is considering a Med. Cruise. I'd love to hear what your parents say and can share with you about their vacation.

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