Friday, August 20, 2010

On snalsi nomolos*

Sit back, friends and foes (not that I think any foes of mine would bother reading this. Except you, Mrs. Senidanerg eht & Tnecniv Tnias. I know you are always reading.****), this is going to be a long one. I know it is stupid of me to announce that it will be a long post since this for many will be the cue to skip reading it entirely, but I am confident that those of you who know what is important in this world - to read blogs instead of work because (TG) it's Friday - will cherish this opportunity to avoid the real world for more than just a minute. It might take two. Three, if you're laughing. Four if you're also leaving a comment.

For those of you who did skip this post because I announced it would be long (I don't know why I keep typing as you clearly are no longer reading, but logic has never been my strong suit [? I want to say "suit", but I'm also considering "side". If , YOU have a STRONG opinion OPINION about THIS, you YOU {I keep messing up the order of the capitalized words. Tami, how do you DO it?} should VOTE at double-u,***** double-u, double-u, dot, voteforsuitorside, dot, com.], I will continue to address you), I can assure you it will only be at 500 words. And then maybe 500 more. And 500 after that. I don't know. I haven't counted them.

Anyway, the reason today's post is so long (in addition to my obvious problem with reaching the point), is that I have a lot on my mind. It has been a week without blogging for me, after all.

My efforts to start fresh, blog less, study more, become a better person and save the world have only partially paid off.

I have not (yet) saved the world. In fact, I think there is probably more left to do now than it was when I started.

I have not become a better person. I have recently had an interesting discussion about Hamlet and Dave Eggers. I have also recently ventured into the rose drying business. But I have not become a regular at the gym. I have not managed to get up before 7 am more than two days in a row. I still drink too much coffee. And I have not (yet) finished my thesis. Thus there also remains quite a bit of work on becoming a better person.

I have been blogging less. My twice a week schedule is functioning, except for the part that I also blogged yesterday (but then at the Burrow Blog, of course. So I stray). What is not functioning about it is that I have not picked good days. I regret my choice of Mondays, and expect to sometime in the future turn to Tuesdays. I could explain why, but it might bore you, and I strive to do that through other means today. Fridays are still good days, but it would be better for me to write the posts on Fridays and then post them later. Possibly still on a Friday, but not on a Friday morning. Friday afternoons I never get a thing done anyway. (I am boring even myself now...)

The point to my seemingly useless catching up is that I in evaluation of my efforts to start fresh realize that I am terrible at just that. I keep thinking that I can - tomorrow. I keep forgetting that yesterday's tomorrow is today (it's deep. Think about it). In all my endeavors to change my bad habits I keep stepping into the same old traps. Like steel-jaw traps and deadfalls. It's exhausting.

So I didn't do awesome on my first week. I did a little. It is better than doing nothing.

I did do a lot of nothing as well. Like when I told myself that I was going to clean my room. I did nothing. Then I told myself I was going to make a specific plan for my new semester. I did nothing. Then I told myself I needed to write a drabble for the Burrow's Paying It Forward project. I wrote half a drabble. Then I did nothing. Then I wrote the other half of the drabble. Then I realized the two halves made a drabble and a half (HOW?!? People more compentent in mathematics than me have pondered this difficult problem and not yet come up with an answer). Then I painfully cut it down to 100 words and went back to doing nothing. Then I watched the movie "Pay It Forward". I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. Then I did noth... No, wait, I did the dishes after that.

I know I need to do less nothing and more awesome. Actually, anything not-nothing would help. I will strive to do that. (I do wonder if this counts as nothing?)

Update's over.

I intend to finish this post sometime soon. Like now. But I still have a few things I'd like to say. It will probably take a few hundred words. I think. I still haven't counted them.

You see, I'd like to send a big, warm thank you to some lovely bloggers out there. It is always nice to have an award. I've gotten many lately (just check out my bling over in the sidebar, yo!), and I do hope I manage to cover them all in this post (if I didn't, it's because my brain is wired for thesis writing and not blogging - drop me a hint and I'll make up for the mistake by Monday).

First, it was so sweet of Claudia to wish me a happy new beginning with the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you!

Secondly, Yvonne is once again proving that she is a gem by telling me I deserve a star. And on Friday the 13th nonetheless! Thanks, Yvonne :)

Leigh gave me a bit of a challenge last week - what three things would I do if the Mayans were right and 2012 really is the apocalypse? First I thought my list would look a little something like this:
1) Stop writing my thesis and do something worthwhile for a change.
2) Stop writing my thesis and do something worthwhile for a change.
3) Stop writing my thesis and do something worthwhile for a change.

But once I got started again with the new semester, I not only recalled all my angst and stress, but also why I started this in the first place. I do think this is worthwhile (in between all the nothingness). Thus, my list would instead start like this:

1) Finish my thesis in style  (after all, maybe the apocalypse is *all* it takes to bring peace to the Middle East?)

and then I'll add these two perhaps-not-too-inventive-but-at-least-true points:

2) Spend more time with friends and family

3) Write that book. That one. The one I never seem able to finish. If there really is an apocalypse, there will not be anyone left reading it, but at least I can die in a crash of flames knowing I was an author at last.

Aaaand, finally, Tami called me strange... You can read all about it here. The thing is, there is a contest. Frankly I am a little unsure how, what and why, but it's got to do with something strange you can win. I'd rather read all about that here, than to take my word for it.

Now I'm supposed to pass these things on, and stuff, but y'all know I am on a tight schedule with making sense of Middle Eastern history before the world comes to an end in just a year and a half. So, if you feel strange, or apocalyptical, or even versatile - or maybe you feel you deserve a star? - feel free to plaster it up over at your own blog. Sharing is caring (and also endearing and forebearing) and all that.

* Finally it feels appropriate to explain that since I couldn't think of a fitting title for today's post I decided to take the first word(s) I read, turn it (them) backwards, and use as a title. Since this is somewhat of an unsatisfactory arrangement, I will offer whomever comes up with a better title** my first born child*** in return.

** I am actually quite satisfied with the current title. Regardless of the fact that I have never visited the Solomon Islands and that I don't think their flag is all that pretty. The flag is okay, I suppose, but I object to the arrangements of the stars. They could be more "random" and less "die" (as in "singular dice", not as in "cease to be").

*** I will probably not give away my first born child even if the best title ever comes up. There are several reasons for this, three of which I will list:
1) I don't yet have a first born (and incidentally also not a second born etc) child. I might never even have one. So it is a terrible prize to win, really. Offers no encouragement for creativity at all.
2) Even if I eventually do have a child (first born or otherwise), I am not sure it would be the moral thing to do to give it up over a blog post title. Had it been a book title, I might feel different.
3) Any child of mine will most likely be stubborn, annoying and use too many parentheses. I am not sure anyone would be interested in winning such a child in exchange for a perfect blog post title.

**** I hope I just made this up too. If I didn't I sincerily appologize to the Senidanerg eht & Tnecniv Tnias family. Also, if you are confused about the order of the asterisks (huh. Asterix just took on a whole new meaning for me), don't worry. I am too.

***** Why not double v, though? That's what we say in Norwegian. Makes a lot more sense, if you ask me. But then I just wrote this post, so this "sense" thing you're (I'm) talking about is definitely not my strongest point. Huh. Point? Not suit or side?


M.J. Nicholls said...

I was going to vote for suits but then I thought how much I value sides more. Plenty of things need sides, but we can do without suits. Or suicide.

Mrs St Vincent and the Grenadines, her backwards (or is it forwards?) persona, is very pleasant. She too likes 30 Rock, not completing her thesis, and leaving the dishes. You ought to make amends.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for an interesting post.
We all think somentimes the way like you are feeling. Things will fall back into place in their own time.

Have a good week-end.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A little something is better than nothing, Cruella - don't beat yourself up.

Talli Roland said...

Sounds like you've had an interesting week. I'm interested to hear more about the venture into the rose-drying business!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so it was a long post, but well worth every word. You are incredibly funny and you put your finger on so many of the conversations I have with myself about not getting stuff done. Funny enough, today's post at my place is partly about not getting stuff done - in particular, writing that meme for the award you gave me a few weeks ago. I'm still trying to write it and it's just not happening. So I gave you a shout out and promised everyone I'd be writing the post eventually. Have an awesome weekend. - G

Cruella Collett said...

Mark - you are right, of course. Or maybe left. But your point is most certainly a valid one. Who needs suits?

And I will try to make up with her. She sounds like a lovely person.

Yvonne - thank you. Have a lovely weekend too!

Alex - I'll try not to, but it is difficult. It's like I'm in a fight club with only me in it.

Talli - ha, I'm sure you would! Stealing business secrets now, are we? ;)

Georgina - thank you! I considered to leave out all the to's and and's, but now that you said it was worth every word I am glad I didn't ;) Plus it would probably have made this post even more confusing... (Glad I amused you, now I will go get amused by you!)

Jemi Fraser said...

That was fun! :)

I figure it's always good to dream big, but to take small steps to get there :) Have fun!

Hart Johnson said...

Not only should we give up suits altogether (especially strong suits) but I suggest we also give up pants. I know this surprises you, but there you have it. Maybe you should say strong ice blue panties.

And a little progress is good...I know a lot of progress SOUNDS better, but a lot of progress is also exhausting and seems to cease all FUTURE progress, so maybe just plan on pacing yourself.

LTM said...

this whole little rambly blog was reminding me of something... but now I can't remember what it was.

So LOL at you for the whole two halves equalign more than a whole drabble... I totally missed that challenge, btw...

And see, I took the exact opposite approach. If the world's ending, I figure the book's getting burned up, so I'm letting it go. Like dropping the keys in the molten hot lava.

Good luck w/that pease thing. Looking forward to your next bloggig blog whenever it might appear~ ;p

Amie B said...

i'm terrible at starting fresh....mainly because the "starting" part of it never happens. :)

RosieC said...

I strongly vote "suit". That being said, I rarely pick sides. *snigger* Man, I'm slap-happy this afternoon.

I love the long post, and if your blogging less frequently leads to more long posts like this, I will love Fridays and whichever other day you settle on.

Good luck with thesis writing. It sounds like you've got a bit of your mojo back. My post tomorrow talks about my own future academic endeavors...

Clarissa Draper said...

Well, I read through it and I'm glad you're making progress even though it seems like only a little. Congrats on the awards.


Deb and Barbara said...

I came, I read the whole thing, I laughed. You get to keep your Adorable crown.

Patricia Stoltey said...

You're so funny. You did exactly what I would probably do if I went to two blog posts a week -- both of them would be incredibly long and contain enough material to make six regular-length posts. Still, it's a good post, even though I don't want to think about a 2012 ending to my world.


Cruella Collett said...

Jemi - that is so wise that I almost suspect it must be a Chinese proverb! I will try, thanks ;)

Tami - "that is not my strong ice blue panties!" Yeah, that'll work ;) Pace. Got it... (Well, no, I don't but in theory I know what you are talking about. In theory)

Leigh - maybe me? I remind myself of me all the time..
And the Pay It Forward thing isn't really one of our challenges. It's a nonblog-Burrow thing... Feel free to visit to sneak a peak :)

Amie - the first step is the hardest, right? I'm right there with you. Sometimes I find that I have started without even taking the first step. It's like I skip directly ahead to number seven, or something, and then I have to go back to fix 1-6... Bah!

Rosie - tee hee, I'm glad. I feel that suits weren't getting enough votes, there, and I so love a man in a suit (though if he doesn't have any other sides I also like he isn't going to stick around for ice blue panties *giggles*)
And thank you. I think I will be looking forward to my bloggy days too, since this kind of writing is much more fun than thesis writing!

Clarissa - you are kidding. All of it? Brave woman! ;) Thank you :)

Barbara - yay, my crown! Glad I made you read, gladder (is that a word?) I made you laugh ;)

Patricia - I know, thus is the danger. I probably won't write as long every time, but this time it was a withdrawal of sorts.
And no, I don't like the thought of a 2012 ending either. We survived Y2K and this is no way to go!

Claudia said...

LOL! C.C., don't worry about this post being too long. That's why your blog title is "Digressions" right? ;)
Beginnings, ahhhh!! My theory is that beginnings are like diets, the more you try to start one the more you put it off ;) I think you should do it the way you wax your legs. LOL!
Whether you're trying to be a good person, a good blogger, a good student, or a hero who's saving the world, it doesn't matter when you do it. It ONLY matters if you DO it.

Sarah Callejo said...

Ok, it was long but it was interesting and enjoyable.
If only we could push a Stop button in our brain to keep it on pause fo a while!

Pat Tillett said...

It was indeed long and obviously a lot of work, but still interesting. Aren't all of us works in progress? I know I am for sure! I just noticed that my link to your blog dropped off my list. Makes me wonder how many more are missing...

Lim said...


Cruella Collett said...

Claudia - but I don't wax my legs... (I'm a shaver) I get what you mean, though. Quick and painful. And then soft for weeks afterwards! (Am I stretching the metaphore here..?) But you're right, of course. How you do it isn't what's important. Just do it (thank you Nike).

Sarah - oh, I need one of those! Especially if it corresponded to the different gears in my brain. Stop! Shift to thesis! Stop! Shift to blogging! Stop! Shift to sleeping. That would be sweet!

Pat - haha, I like that. We're all a WiP! And too bad about the link dropping off. It happens sometimes, I think, and I have no idea why. Good thing you found me after all ;)

Lim - I am rubber, you are glue! (Sorry, but "lim" does mean "glue" in Norwegian. And I suspect this is spam, though I should tell you that you forgot to link to any porn sites.)

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