Monday, August 16, 2010

On new beginnings

August is still summer, but it is also the start of autumn (or fall if you will). Berries are ripe. People are picking pears outside my bedroom window. I crave vegetable soup. The sun is still hot, but the days aren’t long and light anymore. The night is once again dark.

August has always been a month of beginnings for me. Much more than, say, January. August is the month school starts. After 18 first-day-of-school’s, new school supplies still make me excited. I love stocking up on pens, post-its, paper, pencils (is it a rule that all school supplies start with a p?), and books (no, apparently not). A new year at school always meant new subjects, new classrooms, often new people. A new term at the university has some of the same implications. This term, however, I don’t get a lot of the “new” feelings since it’s just a continuation of what I left before the summer. And frankly, this time it also feels more like the beginning of the end. Which I guess it sort of is.

Unless something unexpected and life-altering happens, this will be the last semester I’m working on my master’s thesis. I’m not saying I will never take another class, but for all intents and purposes, I am looking at the start of my very last semester at the university. My last semester of formal education. Hopefully my last semester before I get a “grown up” job (why do I feel like knocking on wood right about now…?).

I have tried to work on my thesis this summer, but in between working extra hours in the bookshop, having a social life and trying to see the sun every now and then I haven’t been all that diligent. Also, I’ve had a bad case of vacation mode, and I’ve been spending far more time on blog writing than any other kind of writing. Ah, well.

With the new semester starting today, it is time to accept that I can no longer keep neglecting my thesis. Because this will be a stressful semester for me, and in the spirit of new beginnings, I think it is time to announce a new blog schedule.

This summer I’ve kept a fairly strict Monday to Friday schedule. While I enjoy the regularity of that, I no longer see myself capable of keeping it up. Thus my new plan is to blog on Mondays and Fridays, and if I post any other day you can consider it a bonus. I will still try to visit as many of your lovely blogs as possible, in fact I suspect that I will be able to be a more frequent visitor when I’m not spending as much time writing my own posts. In addition I am still writing posts for the Burrow Blog, and on the days I am posting there I will probably leave a note here as well. I’ll still make sure to read and reply to all of your comments, of course.

New beginnings can be scary because we are usually afraid to give up on what we know. But at the same time new beginnings create a unique opportunity to start over on a clean slate. I’m hoping that I will be able to carry with me all the good things from previous semesters and leave behind any bad habits.

Wish me luck!

(Apparently I am not so great with new beginnings since I forgot to schedule this to post this morning, and instead saved it as a draft. Great start... I did not notice till now, though, so this means that my tactic of not compulsively checking my blog for comments every ten minutes is working.)


Anonymous said...

For us, the new school year has always started in September. Even though I'm not in school anymore, I still get excited at this time of year, I guess it's just a habit. Good luck with your new schedule and finishing your Master's. I think if I was working on a gradutae degre, I'd have to scale back I know you will get a grown-Up job when you are finished! You are much to bright to pass up!

Boonsong said...

Re, “….but it is also the start of autumn (or fall if you will)”: I won’t if you don’t mind. I prefer to stand.
Re, “People are picking pears”: I like a nice pear. Did I spell that right?

I wish you luck. I wish you great success now and in the future too. You’re more than sufficiently talented not to need any luck at all, only an absence of bad luck.

Have a great day, Boonsong

Jemi Fraser said...

I can't imagine finding the time to blog daily - I've always blogged more or less when I feel like it - usually 2 or 3 days a week. It works for me.

Hope you find this new schedule works for you! Good luck with the thesis and new sememster - all kinds of fun :)

Claudia said...

It's a coincidence you say August is a month of beginnings as I, too, believe August is a month of changes for me. Since 1998 I've seen a pattern (not intentional)where I see changes in my life (some small and some BIG).
I think beginnings are great no matter what they are. So with that thought on mind I wish you good luck in your thesis and all your endeavours.

nonamedufus said...

Don't you hate it when real life gets in the way. I mean, really...

Good luck with your thesis. And posting twice a week is better than not at all. I'll still drop by.

Jules said...

Here's to your thesis, I wish you the best with it. Go luck in all your adventures. New is good...:D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LTM said...

it has been the summer of blogging buddies... and now it seems that we're all turning slowly back to the writing caves.

Schedules are good! I'll be checking in, and GOOD LUCK on your thesis!

It feels so good when it's over. ;p

Jennee said...

I love back to school supplies too. I just bought a bunch of stuff that'll probably never get opened because I have a zillion and a half post it notes already! Best of luck this year!

Claudia said...

Hi C.C,
This is a note to let you know that I nominated your blog among other six fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award ;)
Since I joined your blog, I've been enjoying your digressions.
Thought you'd like to have this award as one of your "Beginnings" before you get started on your thesis.
Visit my blog to read about it.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Here's to your last round of new beginnings!

KarenG said...

And my pears too are getting ripe! I think I can start picking by the weekend. New beginnings are scary and exciting. Best to just take the plunge!

Clarissa Draper said...

Well, I will look forward to your blog whenever you do post. I hope you get your thesis done and have a good semester.


Hart Johnson said...

Mari, I hope the schedule allows you to be super productive so you can join the working world and then avoid working by diving into the blogosphere like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Change is good. Reading your blog for a while I'm sure you're up to any challenge life can throw at you. Have at it!

Stephen Tremp

Cruella Collett said...

Georgina - thank you. I'm already looking forward to being done and getting back in full speed here ;)

Boonsong - glad you didn't fall! I'd send you a pear, but I fear it would not be as dear when it arrives there... (And thank you!)

Jemi - I wish I was able to keep it up, but it would either mean less thesis writing or poorer blog quality. I'd rather choose this option.

Claudia - mostly good changes, I hope? And thank you so much for the award!

nonamedufus - glad you're still dropping by :)

Jules - thank you! It feels great to have so much support from everyone :)

Leigh - it has, hasn't it? I've really enjoyed getting to know a bunchh of new bloggers this summer!

Jennee - that's exactly what I do. Often I get them in my bookshop - the problem is that after seeing them on work week after week, I quickly tire of them.. Ah, well...

Alex - thank you!

Karen - I have never picked pears before - only apples and plums. It is so exciting!

Clarissa - thanks :)

Tami - tee hee, that sounds very good! Love that!

Stephen - thank you! I means a lot to me :)

Once again - thank you all for such great support! It feels great to know I have so many awesome people backing me up, sharing the blove (blog love, if you remember...) *group hug*

Anonymous said...

Change can be good, and I may have to change my blog schedule too soon... Maybe I'll steal your idea of two posts a week.

I'll be starting my very first semester of college this weekend (I had thought it'd be last Saturday, but they mixed up my schedule). I hope you have a good one! And get that thesis done! :3

RosieC said...

Best of luck to you, Cruella! I feel your turmoil, and I'll be right behind you in about 2 weeks :(

sue said...

enjoy this time to devote yourself to your studies with relatively few distractions. I hope everything goes smoothly and that glitches are scarce. I look forward to your posts (another p word) when you can tear yourself away from your thesis.
BTW could your books be Paperbacks?

Jan Morrison said...

I have something to confess, Mari. I get quite panicky this time of year or I have in the last several ones. Why? I love late summer, I adore fall and we have a great one here in Nova Scotia - it lasts almost up to Christmas and is usually dry and red leaved and apple smelly good. I think it is because it is so fleeting that I start pre-mourning the demise of warmth when it is at its best. I know this is bad of me - it nearly ruins what I love so much. On the other hand, school starts here in September - I love school supplies and the whole feeling that the year really starts in September. I like putting on a cardigan and looking at boots and well, not sweltering in the unbelievable and LOVELY heat we've had this year. So it is a paradox. thanks for letting me vent. I'm neurotic. But hey.

Amie B said...

oh you sound just like my daughter! she loves new school supplies! staples office supplies is her favorite store - not a clothing store or shoe store - an office supply store! And she's only 12.

i'm sure you'll do great in school. good luck to you!

Missed Periods said...

I love change. Good luck!

Cruella Collett said...

Amanda - good luck with your new semester! I already hate mine...

Rosie - good luck yourself! We can do it!

Sue - paperbacks! Most of them are! Ha! I might need you to fix some of the discussion in my thesis as well...

Jan - I hear you on that. I too love this time of year, and everything that will come in the next few months (at least regular years. This year I predict hair pulling and poor nutrition). And still I feel the dread creeping up to me. Bah!

Amie - that is so sweet! I've always been like this too. I miss Staples (though I actually think we have Staples in Norway too, I've just never been to one here)

MP - thank you :)

Jen said...

Change is scary but sometimes needed to make our lives more organized!

I find that posting daily on the blogs has it's benefits but also comes with disadvanatges. I know with the fall months approaching I'll have a ton of changes to come in the blogging world.

I wish you the best of luck!

Carolyn Abiad said...

Good luck with your thesis!

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.
~ Louis L'Amour

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