Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On a little bit of everything

If you’re wondering why I didn’t obligingly post between 8 or 9 am this morning, the reason is this: scheduled posting. Or lack thereof.

Usually I write my blogs one day early and schedule Blogger to post them at 8 am (which often makes me all iffy about writing “today”, since “today” often is “yesterday” when the blog is actually up, but still “today” when I write it. Which I considered writing a blog about, but then I figured it wasn’t worth it since I could fit the entire drama inside a single parenthesis. Then again, my parentheses often are extremely long, and thus I could probably fit any old drama inside them (Daddy dies via ear by uncle who is revealed in play but unfortunately girlfriend dies, mom dies, everyone else dies and I can’t stand it no more – tell my story, “friend”!). See?). However, even though I yesterday considered myself well enough to go into the city, attend a lecture (which was interesting though the compromiselessness (I’d try to figure out what the real, English word for this is, but I’m on a deadline here – got to finish this before my parents call because afterwards I have all sorts of other stuff to do) - the compromiselessness of a couple of the speakers made me barking mad), and then rob Macy’s (or was it the other way around? It sure had nothing to do with a robbet), I'm still not 100% well. By the time I got back home I only had the strength for a little chicken soup, some mindless television (though House had a moral agenda last night), and bed. No blog.

Today is another sickday (see, I’d write it as two words as Word wants me to, but according to my logic, at least, there should be a considerable difference between “a sick day” and “a sickday”. Maybe I’ll compromise and write sick-day. That’ll do) – another sick-day, though this one I have to devote to all sorts of chores like laundry, cat-petting (one of the cats here has adopted me – wonder what’ll happen when I go back home), figuring out how to get to the airport on Friday, calling my grandpa who had a birthday yesterday (I meant to call him then, but, due to mismatching time zones plus yesterday’s general poopiness (see above) that didn’t happen – but happy belated 86th, gramps! By the way - he said that this morning they had SNOW! Brrrr.... That's early, even for Norway! ), calling my parents to make them feel sorry for me since I’m sick, more laundry, drawing giraffes (keep reading, I’ll get to that) and making a blog schedule. I did make a blog schedule yesterday, but since I’ve already diverted from it, making a new one seems like a good idea. I’m not sharing the schedule with you guys, though, as I don’t do spoilers (*snort*).

What I am sharing, however, is my reason for making the schedule. Since I’m leaving town on Friday, to be gone for almost a week - that is a week without my laptop - I figured it was a good idea to schedule (here we go again) Blogger to post daily posts for me without my interference (even though I hear they have Internet both in Minnesota and in Michigan these days *snicker*). I might interfere. One of the scheduled posts currently reads “what we’re actually doing” (*claps hands over mouth – err… fingers* SPOILER!), but I might change that. You never know. It’s a miracle I’ve gotten this far on the whole blog-thing, really, as random rarely is consistent with regularity. Well, I don’t have a choice. Because I have committed to posting once every single day all through October. You might have noticed the shiny, new badge on the top of this site? That’s a link, peeps, and it’ll take you to a neat blog called NaBloWriMo  (huh! There’s another link! Wow!), which I totally forgot to actually blog about (that is, I didn’t so much forget as I deliberately decided to postpone the mention until everyone else had, to avoid the hype, you know.. Right…). Oh, well. Means I cannot afford to skip even one day, and my only hope to avoid that is my hero – SCHEDULED POSTING!

Speaking of heroes, it’s been a while since I’ve giraffed about Ola, the giraffe-collector. Since I may or may not be harvesting, sorry, Halloween season must be getting to me (that totally should have gone into a parenthesis), attracting new readers in the midst of all this NaBloBlaBla (clever as this title is, it really is annoying to type!), and thus I figure it is time to once again encourage you all to draw/knit/bake/shape/paint/crochet/sculpt(is that a word? Wow!) a giraffe, take a picture of it and post it on http://www.onemilliongiraffes.com/. No requirements in terms of talent or creativity – just any old giraffe will do (as long as it is not computer-generated). My last effort is one of the reasons this blog was postponed this morning (I had to colour the ocean around Giraffenland, okay?), but don’t let that stop you. At the bottom of this post you will find a guide that'll show you how to draw a giraffe in ten seconds.

Alright, I think this was about all my brain could come up with in 20 minutes. Now off to posting, before I regret (this was pre-caffeine and sugar, imagine how I can get…).

(And yes, it's one of the 308 277 alerady posted on the site)


M.J. Nicholls said...

That was exhausting. I'm going for a lie down.

Then I'll draw a giraffe.

Cruella Collett said...

Yay! Every new giraffe born into this world makes me happy! And I know I can be exhausting - I used to be the only one who could outrun my friend, Sam (not the dog), in terms of silliness over yakisoba. If I set my mind to it there is very few who can out-hyper me (then again, it's not very often I do set my mind to it).

Watery Tart said...

English reminder: we have no clever combined words. No happylalacloudland in English.

compromiselessness=lack of compromise (3 words)

This is why we need your brilliance... to show us all the words we need. I suggest maybe compromiserliness, getting across that an unwillingness to compromise makes us miserly philosophically.

sculpt however, is a word.

I might have to really draw a giraffe, now that you have shown me how...

Cruella Collett said...

That is one of the things that I truly dislike about the English language. Or rather, what I dislike is that it is probably the reason why so many Norwegians forget that in Norwegian we are supposed to clumpourwordstogetherlikecrazypeople. Thus, they misspell Norwegian words, and my fingggggerrrsss sssttaart to shake from the mere thought of those HORRIBLE "orddelingsfeil" (word split errors - yup - we put that into one word).
I like the sound of compromiserliness. See - when you don't split words your word count goes down and you can write longer novels without people bothering you about it. Great, ne?
Oh, and yaaaay for spreading the giraffes! :D

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