Monday, October 5, 2009

On finding ten good things about having a fever

1. Your head is hot, so your hair dries faster

2. Fever delusions can be entertaining

3. You’re one symptom closer to having the dreaded swine flu. Who hasn’t always wanted to be part of a world-wide movement?

4. It makes you sound a lot more sick, meaning you get a lot more sympathy

5. You’re hot, so you don’t need a lot of clothes

6. It’s obligatory to listen to the song “Fever” (after a few turns, though, this falls into the “bad” catefory)

7. You can make as many typos as you want, and everyone will just write it off as “fever-speak”

8. Fever means your body is fighting, right? Go kick some virus b-hind, now, fever!

9. Having a fever when your regular body temperature is below 36 degrees, doesn’t necessarily put you over the magical 37 line. So you’re cool (well, no, “cool” is what you normally are. But you’re not “hot” either. You’re “warm”. Or “normal”. Or whatever).

10. Since you’re very sick with your horrible fever no one will mind that you skip the final point of a ten-point list.


Watery Tart said...

Poor Mari! I hope you get better REALLY quickly! And I love how you've managed to keep it in perspective with humor...

the verification was uncyc: obviously you will get better very soon!

M.J. Nicholls said...

Mwahaha! Point ten should be that Fever Humour is very very funny.

And you can still blog. And count to ten. Things are looking up!

Word verification was "mutheols" which sounds like throat lozenge.

Cruella Collett said...

Since my blog usually is one day off (I'm often not even awake when it posts...), today's post isn't actually representative for how I'm feeling today. In fact, I am feeling much better today, thanks. (I've even been to a lecture and everything!) Yesterday, though - I rarely have fever, so when I actually do, I get veeeery weird... For once I tried to be a little constructive in all my weirdness ;)

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