Thursday, August 15, 2013

On jolly July, aberrant August

It's been a weird summer in Norway. Weird, because it's been awesome. Weather-wise we are talking about the July of the century, or some such cliché. Sun has been had. Pale Norwegians soaked up vitamin D's to last us into the next decade, and for once I actually have tan lines on my back. We're normally used to summers where any outdoors plan always need an indoors alternative, but this time no such modification was called for.

July was spectacular.

August is looking for payback.

Frequently, August has been the warm and sunny month here. Just in time for school to start, summer kicked in, like a wonderful irony of life. This year, however, since July took August's job, August, apparently, decided to take September's. Ever since the start of the month we've had rain, wind, the occasional bout of sunshine, but then with the obvious promise of "plan B kind of day - expect to have to go indoors any moment". The cloudless days of July are long gone.

In a way I appreciate it. There is no doubt that it's really fall, summer is over, vacation time done, work takes the front seat. The transition is made somewhat easier by nature's clear message.

But then again - a few more weeks of sunshine, with the possibility of enjoying after-work-afternoons in a park instead of having to tote an umbrella everywhere - sounds nicer. August isn't playing nice this year.

There is, of course, absolutely nothing I can do about this. I can recall the lovely July, and I can curse the erratic August. In reality it makes no difference what I do. Winter is coming.


Jan Morrison said...

Same here! I was just thinking about it while I was walking Bella - August is our reliable month - well I guess nothing is reliable anymore. I can of like the fresh coolish air though. I'm not good in real hot weather.

By the by - been thinking of you as I plan our adventure up north - how you up and moved away for a bit - I like being adventurous and know you do too. Would like to have a little less excitement than you did though!

Kelly said...

We've had a much cooler summer. Normally well into the triple digits by now (with plenty of humidity), we've only had a day or two above 100.

ViolaNut said...

Our July was mostly hellishly hot, but August has been pretty reasonable - well, except for that thunder-rain-hail-what?-storm last week... but hey, nobody's perfect. ;-)

Hart Johnson said...

I want my summer back, dammit! Yeah, there were a couple too hot weeks, but I don't mind those, and I really am always loathe for summer to go unless August stays hot and there is so MUCH hot that I get tired of it, which has happened like twice in my adult life.

CA Heaven said...

I usually prefer to stay home in the summer, and rather go south in the fall. This summer has been quite good, I agree. But even when if summer is cold, it's light in the north, and that's good enough for me >:)

Cold As Heaven

Mark Murata said...

It's been very hot in Seattle, and with less rain than usual. Normally, it's just the last couple weeks in August that can be relied on.

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