Monday, June 25, 2012

On rainiscence

This rain - sideways - reminds me of last summer.

Those weeks of the rainy season in Tokyo, where my shoes never completely dried, where the aircon stopped working due to excess humidity, and where the sound of raindrops hitting the roof became the lullaby you were forced to get used to in order to get any sleep at all. I remember my see-through umbrella from under which I took eerie, silly, wet photographs of raindrops, without ever quite managing to capture their ephemeral beauty. I remember catching a taxi five minutes worth of walk away from home and somehow still managing to emerge at my front door completely drenched. I remember how odd it was that the rain made me cold even though the drops themselves were warm. I remember the smell of wet clothes, wet towels, wet hair, wet everything. I remember splashing ponds, lakes, oceans. I remember hiding from the water under trees, under a bridge, under the open sky. I remember thunder, so much thunder, with lightning bolts sure to hit one tall building or another. I remember smiling in the rain. Not crying; dancing, kissing. 

I remember rain. It seems the rain remembers me too. 


Cold As Heaven said...

If you get tired of the rain in the south, just go north. I like it alot better than the south. In the north you will find beautiful nature and nice people (always) and good weather (sometimes) >:)

Cold As Heaven

Christine Murray said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the rain, it's so calming and peaceful.

Rob-bear said...

We had rain today. Along with a suggestion that a tornado might be on its way to our city.

It rained, but no tornado. Just as well. There was, however, a huge, black, ominous cloud just a bit above my head. The joys of living on the sixth floor.

I thoroughly enjoyed your rain pix. Thanks.

Jan Morrison said...

Lovely - falling here too. I hope it will fall in Labrador and in Colorado and all the other places sorely in need with raging wildfires.

Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

Excellent post. Love your photos!

Play off the Page

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