Monday, May 7, 2012

On embracing chaos

It's my new motto. Embrace the chaos.

It's my new motto: Embrace the chaos.

It's my new motto; embrace the chaos.

It's my new motto — embrace the chaos.

I couldn't decide which punctuation worked better, so I chose them all
(It's my new motto.:;— E[e]mbrace the chaos.)

Most people use punctuation to avoid chaos. I'm not most people. Besides,


besides, punctuation is chaos. To me.

So I'm embracing it.

Chaos is everywhere. Chaos is everything. Chaos is a movie starring Ryan Philippe, Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes. Chaos is "a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order." Chaos is (religion) a chasms or abyss; it is (science) any state of confusion or disorder, plus a branch of mathematics and physics; it is (in the Discordian calendar) a month. Chaos is punctuation. Chaos is being punctured by chaos.

My head is chaos.

Chaos = my head = chaos.

Stop thinking so much, they say. I have no means to do so. Besides,


Chaos = my head - thinking = chaos.

(This is a very specialized version of chaos theory. A branch of mathematics and physics.)

I cannot stop thinking. I cannot even stop thinking so much. Define "so much". Definitions are meant to make things less chaotic. But then there are so many of them. =chaos.

My only remaining solution.


Embracing the chaos.
Letting it surround me.
Inviting more of it in.
Maybe I'll explode.
Or implode.
Either way explained by a complex branch of mathematics and physics, I'm sure.


Michelle Gregory said...

sometimes it's just chaos and can't be explained. i try to embrace it but it doesn't always work.

Astrid said...

Thank you for this! I couldn't have read this in a more appropriate mindset.
Chaos is my room, life, head at the moment. And I also have the people telling me not to think so much. Not possible.

Now I'll tell them. I am Chaos, embrace me as I am :D

Pat Tillett said...

Being wildly A.D.D., I know exactly what you are talking about...

Face to face
Eye to eye
With my feelings
I surround myself with
Too busy to think
I surround myself with
Too busy to feel
I surround myself with
Safe and secure
Within my blanket
Of chaos
I’m naked without it

Cruella Collett said...


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