Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On golf

Serenity. Or, as you might know it:golf.

What is up, what is down, what is real, what is dream? What is crap floating in a golf course pond?

Such an odd mix of sports...

Lucky clover? Or just a bunch of unlucky weeds?

Someone must really love golf. Or is it only me that can see the heart? 
"No, I said tee!"

I don't golf. I've tried mini golf (once or twice), and Wii Golf ® (once, and I lost spectacularly to my entire US family). But I've never played real golf. Not that the opportunity hasn't been there - my hometown has the most beautiful golf course I've ever seen (but then you all know I'm comparing it to mini golf and Wii).


She Curmudgeon said...

I've tried it a few times. I get too competitive to enjoy just being outside. (Erika, by way of her blog.)

Jan Morrison said...

I golfed once at a celebrity golf game (celebrity and me? huh?) I wored a costume from Amadeus. jeezly hot. we lost. I like walking around golf courses imagining what we'll do once the revolution happens.

Kelly said...

Golf has never appealed to me though several of my family members play (and play well at that).

That upside down photo threw me off for a sec! And yes, I see the heart. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nice photos!
I say if you're lucky enough to find the ball after hitting it once, pick it up and go home.

nonamedufus said...

I just love golf. I only started about 9 months ago but I'm having a great time at it. That course in your pictures looks interesting. You can take photos of the water but the trick is to avoid it when you're playing.

M.J. Nicholls said...

Golf. Evil. Thieves of nature. And lovely views. Let them play indoors. In a cupboard. Nice photos.

The Golden Eagle said...

I've never tried golf.

Great pictures!

Southpaw said...

Oh my, is that gorgeous! I don't golf and I find I'm often jealous of golfers simply because of the courses!

PS: I changed my URL and username back to southpaw, but managed to mess up my feeds.

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