Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On giraffventory

This weekend I bought a giraffe scarf. Of course I did. I had to. It's not as bad as it sounds, though - even if it's specked with giraffes, it's not too quirky to wear for - work - for instance. Slightly depending on what your work is. I might not wear it for a job interview, just in case. But I could definitely wear it on a date. If I knew the guy was cool (but then he'd have to be for me to consider dating him in the first place, right? Right).

Anyway. This scarf. It is but the latest addition to a collection that is getting out of hand, frankly. People know I'm a crazy giraffe lady, and thus they buy me stuff with giraffes on it. I don't mind - by all means - but by now giraffes are so prominent a feature in so much of what I own that I worry I won't be able to convince any newbies in my life that I am sane. Oh, well. That milestone might have been passed a long way ago. Just take a look at the following list of giraffe-related stuff I own:

Giraffe scarf

Giraffe earrings (two pairs)

Giraffe tote bag

Giraffe bed sheets

Giraffe "charm" for a charms bracelet (but since I don't wear a charms bracelet I tend to use it on a necklace instead)

Giraffe bookend

Somewhere between 6 and 9 stuffed plush giraffes, and one knitted.

Giraffe photo holders

Giraffe socks

Giraffe coffee mugs

Giraffe salad cutlery

Ornamental glass giraffe

Giraffe wall poster

Giraffe lollipop (I know, this shouldn't be part of a collection, but it's been sitting in my window sill for so long that I hardly doubt it's edible anymore. In fact, I doubt it ever was.)

Giraffe eraser

Giraffe made of beer cans

Giraffe picture frames (yes, more than one)

Giraffe key chains (actually, this is just one, as I had another that broke. But it used to be more than one)

Giraffe diary (one of the few I ever completed has a giraffe pattern on the cover)

Giraffe pencil

Giraffe Pinterest board

Giraffe chopsticks

Puzzle giraffe

Giraffe nail brush

Giraffe post-its

There might be more - for  instance, people keep sending me giraffe postcards, pictures or stickers - but these were the ones I could remember off the top of my head. So yes. Crazy giraffe lady, indeed.


ViolaNut said...

Ooh, I think I might be responsible for a few of those... ;-) I still love the giraffe puppet you bought at the PEM. Sooo soft...

Jan Morrison said...

I wrote a short story about a giraffe giving birth in the zoo - I'll find it and send it to you!

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