Saturday, April 9, 2011

On history

There are certain dates and years that stick. We remember them, either because they hold a collective or personal importance. They make history.

April 9 is one such date. In Norway, this marks the anniversary of the single most traumatic collective event in our history. On April 9, 1940, Nazi-Germany invaded Norway and Denmark. Operation Weserübung managed to conquer most central Norwegian cities within 24 hours, while the Norwegian army continued fighting for two months before capitulating. Norway was subject to the brutal rule of the Nazi dictatorship for five years.

There is obviously a lot more to be said of both the invasion and the following occupation, and it definitely requires more than one blog post to do it justice. If inspiration every strikes, the historian in me might not be able to pass up the opportunity to make an attempt, some day. But not today. While April 9 is a part of Norwegian history, it is also a part of my personal history.

To me, the importance of April 9 changed last year. My sister was pregnant, and tests during the pregnancy had showed that the baby was not growing properly. The doctors prepared us that we could expect the worst, and the prospects for her surviving the birth at all seemed bleak. A premature C-section was scheduled, and thus my baby niece was born.

She did survive. Once born, there appeared to be nothing wrong with her. She was tiny - the smallest baby I have ever seen - but she otherwise seemed fine. From day one she ate well, and it did not take long before she started growing.

My niece is still small. Maybe she'll always be. But she is alive, she is healthy, and she is the cutest, happiest baby on the planet. Considering the prospects we faced prior to her birth, I don't care if she grows to ten times her current size, or if she doesn't grow at all. She is with us, and that is enough.

Happy first birthday, Live! You already made history.


sue said...

Hope! healing & happiness. Happy birthday to your niece. (and may I mention in passing that there's nothing at all wrong in being small!)
I look forward to your history lesson - my knowledge of the events you mention is nil.
Sue@JumpingAground (alliteration & drabbles)
Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

Carole Anne Carr said...

Happy birthday, and a wonderful happy ending for you all. Hugs..

H.B.Markor said...

I must say, I love when your inner historian comes out to shine. Happy birthday to your little niece!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Happy birthday to your niece.

My grandaughter was 10 weeks early weighing 2 lbs but now she's coming up to 10 yrs she is the most tomboy ever but adorable.
And she was born on my birthday too


Mason Canyon said...

What a wonderful story. So happy things turned out well. Happy Birthday to your niece.

Thoughts in Progress

Hart Johnson said...

I don't think I knew Norway had lived 5 years under occupation... wacky what they don't teach you in the US...

But definitely, Happy Birthday Live!

Tundiel said...

I don't think I knew Norway had been occupied for five years either..

Happy birthday to the wonderfully and appropriately names Live!

TheyCallMeVarmit said...

Happy Birthday to your niece!

The Words Crafter said...

Happy Birthday, Niece!!!!

My brother and his wife had problems and then my niece Squirmy (her blog name) was born. A miracle.

Isn't it wonderful when miracles happen?

I only know of the occupation of Norway in the broadest sense. I would love to read more in-depth about it.

And I love that the birth of your lovely niece took the shadow off that date for you :)

Marjorie said...

I didn't know Norway was occupied either!

Happy Birthday, Live!

Kelly said...

Awww, what a sweet post! I had a niece and nephew born very prematurely (10 and 12 weeks early) and both are fine now.

For every infamous day in history, someone associates it with something good. I share a birthday with one of those dates in US history.

Talli Roland said...

Oh, phew! I was holding my breath reading this, and I'm so glad it's a happy ending!

Jules said...

Man, what a history changing event. BTW I was only 4 pounds @ birth and dynamite is a very small stick. Happy belated birthday to your niece! :)

K A B L O O E Y said...

My heart was in my throat as I read. So, so glad you get to celebrate her first birthday.

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