Saturday, October 16, 2010

On RE: Halfway Through-ish Thoughts on NaBloWriMo

I was reading Heather's musings over being halfway through NaBloWriMo on Thursday, and I found myself agreeing with many of her points. So much, in fact, that as I started to write a comment I found myself having too much to say. I think I may have won the prize for "longest blog comment in history"... Since the comment was so long, I decided to also post it here, since it was more than long enough to warrant a post of its own. The thing, though, is that my reply really doesn't make much sense unless you read Heather's post first. So, before we continue, please go visit I'm Not Hannah so we can all be on the same page... (It may sound like I'm asking a lot today, but really, you'll be sorry to have missed it)

Everyone read and digested the original post? Good. Let's move on to the reply, then:

(Ooops, I very nearly copy-pasted from the wrong document. You almost got my thesis conclusion... I think we all should be glad I caught it in time..)

Here it is:

#1 - Kudos! Personally, I can't bear the shame of not doing it once I've committed. I'm running out of pre-written posts, though, so I might crash and burn towards the end...

#2 - I'm the exact opposite. I can come up with a million ideas for blogging (tee hee, I almost wrote bligging), but sitting down and actually transform them into a post. Tough.

#3 - I suspect you're right. I'm no gemini, but the description fits...

#4 - Actually, that sounds like an installation piece I saw at the modern art show a few weeks ago... (a blatant lie, since I haven't been to anything artsy for month, but it could have been). I say it's pretty interesting!

#5 - That ALSO sounds like an installation I pretend I saw at the modern art show a few weeks ago...

#6 - I know, right! I'm exactly the same. I even often read many of these in Google Reader, so my paying attention to y'all isn't even registered as a visit. *shame*

#7 - I hate that feeling. You want to address something about comments or awards or whatever, but then you feel you can't because it sounds like you're fishing. And I only approve of fishing when it's done as environmentally friendly as possible.

#8 - Another good point. I am wordy, most of the time. I have kept it shorter for the most part this month, but I'm not sure how much I like it. In the long run I think I'll stick with a max five per week schedule. It just gives me a little more space. (Plus, blogging every day inevitably means that some of my posts ARE crappy. And I hate that.)

#9 - Tee hee. Write like rain? Read like sunshine? Query like hail?

#10 - So sad. And I love that song. So so sad. (And I'm wondering what OMFC means...)

#11 - No. But it is SO sad!

#12 - I hate to point this out, but you could have gone with "an even dozen". You know, if you weren't so tempted to go for fifteen. 

#13 - I didn't mean to reply to all your points either, by the way. I just started, and then I realized I couldn't stop. 

#14 - Did I ever tell you (and by "you" I refer to the blogosphere in general...) that Odd is a common Norwegian man's name? Yeah, so is Even... (No kidding)

#15 - And we wouldn't want you any other way. Yay!

I told you the list wouldn't make sense if you read it standing alone... Now go visit Heather and really read the original post, okay?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Will visit Hearher, but found this interesting,


Cold As Heaven said...

It would be cool to read your thesis conclusion, and the abstract too. Why don't you post it when you're done with it >:)

Cold As Heaven

H.B.Markor said...

That was great! I read them at the same time, going back and forth so it made perfect sense to me.

OMFC- Oh My Friendly Cow! or at least, that's what I am going with.

nonamedufus said...

You're right. I should have read Heather's post first. So call me Odd.

Clarissa Draper said...

I actually thought the comments alone were pretty funny!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I agree with Clarissa!

Cruella Collett said...

Pfft! You're all to kind! But thanks :)

CAH - oh, I don't know. I like to keep those two spheres of my life sort of separate. Plus I don't think anyone would be interested (and I'm not fishing for disagreement on this matter - I genuinely think that any history thesis is too boring to put on a blog, and mine is definitely no exception).

Maria - Oh My Friendly COW! HAHAHAAHA! Love it!

Odd - no more no name? ;)

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