Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On springishness

Spring won’t show her beautiful face in Oslo for a long time yet, but there are nevertheless a few, early signs that she is on her way.

We have hardly seen the sun for months, and the little we did see of it did not seem to give any warmth at all. This morning, however, I could for the first time since I came home from the US say that I felt warmer because of the sunshine in my face. It won’t give me freckles and it won’t melt any snow just yet, but we’re getting there. The sun as it is known throughout most of the world is heading back to Norway too.

Speaking of the sun – she is staying up longer each day. My morning walk to the subway or tram is no longer done in complete darkness. I even have a realistic hope of coming home before sunset one of these days. The polar night (which isn’t actually something we have this far south in Norway; we have some light even during the darkest period) can be tough to deal with, but the definite bonus is the wonderful feeling of coming out of it. Those first few mornings when you realize that you might actually see some light that day are magical. (And then there is the ultimate bonus of our long, long summer days, but I will save that for a post in June…)

The snow may not be melting just yet, but the icicles are falling. Icicles typically form on poorly insulated houses, seeing as the heat escaping from inside meeting the cold outside causes the snow and ice to melt/freeze/melt/freeze into perfect spears of ice. While it takes cold temperatures to form them, it takes warmer weather to make them fall. Now they are dropping like Toyota stock prices. Walking around in the older parts of Oslo (where certain houses haven’t had an upgrade in their insulation for a century or so) is a dangerous business these days. If you’re caught in a rooftop avalanche or hit by a foot long icicle, you won’t be able to enjoy spring this year!

The Romanian accordion players are back! They can’t play for the life of them, but this does not appear to be relevant as they occupy every subway station entrance there is in Oslo, hoping to earn a few kroner. Wisely enough they have been gone during the long, cold winter, so seeing them reappearing makes me feel almost as springish as seeing the first snow drops.

There is definitely springishness in the air. You just have to know what to look for!


Watery Tart said...

Romanian accordian players? I want one!

Yay for the coming spring!!! We are even melting some, though I'm not so naive as to think it won't snow again--I've never seen a Michigan April without at least one snowfall, though usually only a half-assed taunting of a snowfall... I can't WAIT until it is comfortable to be a nudist again.

Jan Morrison said...

oh spring - you elusive tease you. We, here in Canada's fogland, have had nothing but grey for days on end. This morning I was meditating - I'd come to the chanting part and was dedicating the merit - there is a line that includes 'the great eastern sun' and just then exactly just then the sun peeked out at me before withdrawing again - just so I know it does still exist!
I'm learning the accordion. I'm getting damn hot on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I hope to be adroit with Oh My Darling Clementine by spring proper.

TreeX said...

On Romanian accordion players, Tami, you'll take anything with two legs and a male part, won't you? ;) -- Or does this come under 'research'? ;)

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