Friday, October 30, 2009

On two three – take off!

I’m writing my final blog post in the U.S. Next to me there are two overfilled suitcases (one remaining to be closed – I’m preparing to sit on it for a few minutes before trying – one which is closed, and it couldn’t take as much as a toothpick more if I wanted it to). I also have two carry-on items – a backpack which as soon as I’m done writing this will contain my laptop (it already contains a lot of other things, like a lifetime supply of disinfecting wipes – swine flu I will not let you get to me), and a huge bag (“purse”) that I will try to convince the flight attendants is my “personal item” that I get to bring along on the plane with my one carry-on item. Basically, I am packed to the brim, and I couldn’t bring more if I had any (luckily, this was about it).

The annoying thing about having a lot of luggage is that you have to carry it. The checked stuff is fine – I’ll have a ride to the airport, and then a ride back from the airport in Norway, and I (hopefully) won’t have to worry about my suitcases until I have to open them again at home. Having heavy carry-ons, however, is a drag – especially when you have six hours to kill at an airport. I imagine I will try to find a restaurant of sorts, and sit there with my books and my laptop most of the time. It might give me a chance of getting a head start on my NaNo challenge (which I don’t consider cheating at all, since I’m missing all of November 1st, so this is just making up for future lost time). Thus, if you happen to be at Newark International Airport today between 2pm and 8pm, spotting a person with too much to carry, frantically trying to type while ripping out her hair and chewing motion sickness pills – chances are it’s me. Say hi, will you?

Once again I am not looking forward to the flights (especially the long one), but I’ll drug myself to oblivion, and there is free movies on board, so all things considered, it shouldn’t be too bad. And when I step off the plane on Norwegian soil once more (promising myself never to fly again, no doubt), I shall be very happy to see my family (waiting at the gate, naturellement) and to speak my language (if I still remember how) and to not have to worry about a thing for a few days (overhanging novel writing challenge not counted).

Now, I bid my goodbyes – I’ve had an absolutely amazing time in the U.S., and I’m looking forward to coming back someday (assuming I’m willing to get on a plane). Next time I tune in on this blog, it will be from Kongsvinger, Norway (I’m sure you’re all super-excited…)

The above picture, to be found at, sums up the D.C. part of my stay pretty well


Aleta said...

Wishing you a safe and happy travel home. Good luck with the NaNo November!

Watery Tart said...

Oh, Mari- the US will miss you!!!

I hope all your travels are safe and your family throws you a giant party when you get back! (and that you make great progress with NaNo on early November 1)--I figure you are okay calling it Japan time...

(LOVE the cut-out giraffe.)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

You mean your US visit has already come to an end!!! Time flies when you least want it to, doesn't it?
All the best, and best wishes for MyTomorrow!

Chary Johnson said...

Have a safe trip Mari. I hope you will get plenty of rest while at home as jetlag can really suck.

My only regret is that I have not met any of my fellow online writing friends. I plan to rectify that once I have the funds to travel.

Good luck with NanoWriMo. I will be cheering you on from the virtual bleachers.


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