Sunday, October 18, 2009

On midwestern adventures (part two)

Partly since Tami has reported some (check her blog out, among her posts from the previous week is a BRILLIANT Dr. Seussesque poem you cannot miss), and partly because I sort of outwrote myself on the whole travelogue genre yesterday, today's post will be more of a photo album than anything else. I will write some short comments where appropriate, but don't expect long narratives (and there was much rejoicing).

Lunch at NYC Pizza Depot (is that what it was called, Tami?) with Tami's daughter. Good pizza, and good company :)

A (for Michigan) unusually prude man (clothed and leafed - what was his problem?)

The campus of Michigan university was pretty! Why are all U.S. campuses so much prettier than the Norwegian ones?

If you are wondering why I have this strange obsession for squirrels (aren't giraffes enough?), I can enlighten you. It's not the squirrels per se, but it just amuses me that they are willing to pose for photographs. I couldn't convince a Norwegian squirrel to let me take a picture of it even if I pretended to be a giant nut (which it might be argued that I in fact am, but that is besides the point).

The Museum of Natural History at the university was in the process of preparing an exhibit featuring "Ida", more commonly known under (the misleading) description "the missing link". This amused me, since "Ida" currently lives at the Museum of Natural History in Oslo. I haven't been to see her yet. Maybe I should?

Every city has a monument resembling a giant phallus. This is Ann Arbor's.

Tami and I debated for a long time whether or not this was Poseidon. Then we gave up and went for cocktails.

Colours! It's fall! :)

Pretty tree. Actually, I believe it's the main attraction of Ann Arbor's Stick Museum.

Pretty Tart (with pretty Hufflepuff scarf) hugging pretty tree

Fairy door! There's a whole bunch of them! This one's from Jefferson Market.

Red shoes! (The store, silly)

There's also a ticket window for the fairies. Why shouldn't fairies get to be cultural too?

I think this is probably my favourite. I particularly like the "subtitles": "Please do not touch. These books are out of circulation. Besides there may be someone living in them."

On my final day we went to the Henry Ford museum, where we saw such curiosities as the car Kennedy was shot in (slightly macabre), the chair Lincoln was shot in (do you see a pattern?), the bus Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat (in terms of historic importance it's interesting, but at least this was less morbid) and the Wiener Mobile (don't ask).

Wooden bike (!)

This image is somewhat misleading since I was the one doing the flying that day. After the museum Tami dropped me off at the airport, and I went back to D.C. where I now only have two weeks left. It's insane how fast time has passed, at the same time as it feels like an eternity since I've seen my family and my fiends at home. I will do my best to spend the remaining time well (there are some upcoming events I'm looking forward to), and then it will be time to pack my bags and prepare for flying again. I am very, very glad I managed to take this trip out to Minnesota and Michigan (I'd be happy to do so again, but it'll have to wait for a potential next stay in the U.S.), and I am so glad I met all the lovely people I did.


Watery Tart said...

Very nice! I suppose that means it is time for me to organize my photos, too...

It was so great to see you!

Joris said...

Family and FIENDS at home...? ;)

M.J. Nicholls said...

This trip sounds like a proper psychogeographical exercise: a thorough exploration of a hitherto alien terrain captured in squirrel- and tart-tastic photos.

Which reminds me, I must pop home and see my family and fiends.

Cruella Collett said...

*eagerly awaits Tarty photos*

And yes, it's been a while since I've seen my fiends at home as well. I do wonder if they've survived in my dungeon these past months..?

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