Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On expecting the unexpected

Greetings! This blog is brought to you from Michigan, where I am currently spending time with a certain Watery Tart. Actually, I have a confession to make. This blog was written in Washington, D.C. several days ago (though technically when I am writing it, it’s not several days ago. It’s today, alright. But when you read it… Oh, now I’ve confused myself…) I’m sitting in my lovely office where I am attempting to squeeze out seven blog posts in one day so that I’ll be properly prepared for leaving my laptop for a week. How can I report from Michigan when I haven’t even gone yet, you might wonder. One word. No, two. Actually, three words: the power of imagination (that was four words, wasn’t it?).

When you read this, I’m expecting that Tami and I will already be enjoying our first fruity drink served by a local cabaña boy. Never mind that it is 8 a.m. in the morning (when this is scheduled to post anyway, I won’t pretend to predict when you are reading it, even if Mystic Mari is my alias), possibly freezing (according to the current forecast) or that Michigan might not have that wide a selection of cabaña boys – knowing the Tart, she will find a way to make it happen. Also knowing her, we will be wearing feather boas, stilettos and not much else (which is common in Michigan from what I’ve gathered).

After the cabaña boy has been locked back in the basement, we will probably proceed to track down all the fairy doors in Ann Arbor. After a quick tea with the fairies, I expect we will be ready to get cracking on Tami’s WIP. I am, after all, not just any guest, I am a visiting member of Tami’s writer’s group. After having read Legacy with such enthusiasm that a randomly passing agent immediately signs with Tami, I will insist that he also reads Confluence and before he knows what hit him he has two new books to promote.

You might think this sounds like a long day (especially considering we've just read two books), but for two devoted digressionists it’s only just time for lunch. Cabaña boy is let out again for the purpose of serving us and rubbing our feet, and afterwards we forget to lock him back in because we have gotten carried away in discussing Potterverse.

To make up for the Pottered time, we will rally up the entire population of “the mitten” (I’m already learning Michigan slang) and make them draw giraffes for onemilliongiraffes.com. As a way of showing their gratitude for letting them participate in this wonderful project, they treat us to dinner – and would you know – they’ve invited a team of firefighter strippers too! We finish the night by admiring the gold statue the people of Michigan have raised in our honour, and toasting with the firefighters.

I wonder what we will do tomorrow?


Aleta said...

Hilarious post! Sounds like you'll.. ummm. you ARE having a blast!

Joris said...

5 words, ma'am ;)

Cruella Collett said...

Aleta - a blast indeed! And you'd be surprised how many of my above predictions came true...

Joris - either you need to learn how to count, or I do...

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