Friday, September 18, 2009

On trainspotting

For those of you who expected a review of the movie – sorry. I have seen it. I seem to remember I kind of liked it, but while every other teenager loved it because it was so “real, man” and because they all secretly wanted to be heroin addicts (I might be over-projecting), I was a prude and thought the poop-in-laws scene was disgusting. That’s the closest thing to a review of Trainspotting (the movie) you will ever get in this blog. As for Trainspotting (the book) – sorry again. I haven’t read it. I have, however, read (one) other book of Irvine Welsh’s, and while I kind of liked this one too, the heavy accent was too much for my 16-year old self and I could not face defeat and read the Norwegian translation. That’s the closest thing to a review of Trainspotting (the book) you will ever get in this blog.

On to trainspotting as in being spotted on a train; and more importantly, spotting things on or from a train.

As previously mentioned , the train ride to Boston was long and sleepless. Well, here’s news for you: the train ride from Boston was also long and sleepless. On the plus side, though, the ride back was during the day, so technically I wasn’t supposed to sleep. And since it was not just any old day – it was a beautiful, sunny day – I got to see lots of cool stuff.

Expecting my solitary train ride to be long, I came well prepared. I brought food (hastily gathered from Leanne’s pantry, since we were too late for the store Sunday night). I brought books (one and a half of which I finished on the train). I brought a notebook and a pen (on which I wrote some very unreadable notes since the train was shaggi… No, wait, I think it says shaking heavily). I brought my mp3-player with my new ladybug ear plugs (of course you need ladybug ear plugs. It rhymes. When you say it in singular. Though technically, the ladybugs are in plural, since there is one for each ear, so maybe instead of “ladybug ear plug” it should say “ladybugs ear plugs”. Which makes it rhyme again. Did you all know that ladybug in Norwegian is marihøne? As in MARIhøne. Now you know). And I brought my camera, since I suspected that I might be able to get a few shots of whatever cool stuff I passed on my way through nine states (does that count as visiting them, by the way? I never left the train, but I do feel that I still should be able to say “I visited Delaware”. If not, I haven’t technically visited Luxembourg either. Or did I get out to buy a coke? Hm…).

The train passed such familiar and unfamiliar places as Providence (television show with that girl from CSI New York!), Mystic County (complete with a sign that mentioned the Mystic Fire Department – instantly made me think of superheroes), New London (it looked nothing like the old London), Philadelphia (where the Prince of Bel Air was born and raised, yo!) and Baltimore (I know I have some pop culture reference to this too, but all I can think of at the moment is that one of the girls from More to Love was from there…).

Oh, and of course that place you might have heard of – New York. Sigh. It’s been a life-long dream of mine to go to New York. I was there. So close, yet so far. Penn Station (did you all know there also is a “Penn Station, Newark”? This has got to be a deliberate attempt to trick foreigners, like me, who has immense problems pronouncing “New York” and “Newark” differently…) isn’t exactly what I most dreamed of seeing, though, and the skyline as seen from the rails didn’t quite make up for the fact that I didn’t get to leave the train and see the city that never sleeps. Oh, well. Next time.

Despite the joyous train ride, however, I was (and my back was too) glad to finally leave my seat in Union Station and head home. And it was lovely to come back to find two happy dogs, two surprisingly affectionate cats, three friendly people and my own bed (that, ironically, is less comfortable than Leanne’s couch. This is a compliment to the couch rather than a comment on the bed, though).


Watery Tart said...

Excellent ladybug digression!

You always make me giggle, Mari.

And on flights to Minnesota or Michigan--if you are having a ton of trouble because they are EXPENSIVE right now (a rumor I've heard)--try flying in and out of Baltimore. The DC rates are apparently high at the moment for Healthcare debate reasons, and you should be able to take DC public transit to the Baltimore airport.

Cruella Collett said...

Aha - actually, I was already mostly looking at Baltimore flights, since BWI is closer to where I live. However, my problems weren't so much cost related (though some of them are expensive), as computer related. The booking site wouldn't let me book for the longest time, until I finally called my parents and made them do it for one flight (back from Detroit), and THEN it would let me book the flight to Minnesota (so two down, one to go). Now I only need to figure out how to get from Minneapolis to Detroit, and we're good. Those flights are the most expensive of them all, though, for some reason... (And why are they determined to stop in Chicago? I don't want to stop in Chicago! I want to go to Detroit!)

Anonymous said...

You're the best Mari! Love the writing, and the pictures, and especially the giraffs!

Yes, for some reason (and I think it is based on your flight carrier - Delta maybe?) they like to stop in Chicago. I've been there at least twice (and yet never visited). I think I got a shot glass to commemorate it for giggles.

Good luck getting to NYC next time!
Courtney (or anonymous!)

Cruella Collett said...

What I want to know (before I book the flight) is if you also got something IN that shot glass...
Glad to hear you're visiting, Courtney :) (I believe in the anonymous comments' power of driving a blogger insane, so it's probably for the best that I get a hint who it is...)

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