Saturday, September 5, 2009

On Fraggle Rock

Remember the Fraggles?  I used to love that show (dubbed to Norwegian, of course). I knew the songs, I loved the characters, and I dreaded every visit into the Gorgs’ garden. One of my favourite parts of the show (apart from the Doozers), was the recurring event of the postcards Gobo receives from his Uncle “Traveling” Matt.

These postcards are video-clips from “Outer Space” – aka our world. They show “normal” human activities or items, seen from Matt’s outsider perspective. It always amused me how the creators could make something everyday and normal so exotic and foreign, and I enjoyed Matt’s interpretation of the situations he observed. What I didn’t realize, though, was that someday I would feel just like him:

Dear Gobo (aka everyone at home)

The Silly Creatures have really outdone themselves this time. Outer Space is just so BIG! The cars, the roads, the shops… It’s a miracle they don’t all get lost.

In addition to being big, Outer Space is also very, very different. It started the minute I stepped off the plane – the driver that was supposed to take me to my lodging was blabbering in this strange tongue of theirs (that I must say I’m really starting to get the hang of now). He continuously asked me about something he called “the AC” – I still have no idea what he was talking about, but I wish he would have opened a window, since the car was sweltering.

The next thing I noticed about the Silly Creatures is their fondness for cinnamon. Everything either tastes or smells cinnamon. Bagels – a little unusual, but actually delicious. Coffee – I can get that, sometimes. Chewing gum – here they lost me. Public bathrooms – that’s just weird.

A possible explanation to this is that the Silly Creatures have developed different taste buds than us. This would also explain why they have yoghurt that tastes sweeter than sugar. How that is possible – since there is bound to be something else besides sugar in the yoghurt – I have yet to figure out.

Now I must run to the shops which I’ve heard are crazy this weekend. The Silly Creatures are talking about preparing for “Labor Day”. I don’t know what they mean by that, but it sure sounds like hard work.

May this postcard will not be intercepted by Sprocket.

All the best from your Uncle


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I think you're being very kind and diplomatic about your choice of American oddities to comment on! :)

Labor Day = a day no one works. Figure that one out!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Cruella Collett said...

*snort* You may have a point there... I could, naturally, find worse things to comment on, but then again, I don't have all that much to complain about. So far I've had a great time here; people are friendly; and a lot of the prejudices I know Europeans have about the US are gravely exaggerated.
It's all about POV, isn't it? While I'm here I'm trying my best to keep my eyes and mind open, without automatically presuming everything is better at home, because a) I know it isn't; and b) I know I will have a much better experience here this way; and c) I'm not that rude...

Of course, if you catch me in a moment of homesickness, my POV might be radically different...

Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your opinion and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Murk

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