Thursday, August 27, 2009

On bunnies

"I want to be a bunny. "

The story behind this quote is a cute one, and I'm sure I'll find a way to tell it during this post, but first let me reflect a bot (a "bot"? Is that my subconscience telling me that it will be "a lot" instead of my intended "a bit"?) over bunnies in general.

First of all, I am not a happy bunny today. The main reason for this is that it is 10:15 and I'm still not dressed. I'm nowhere close to being ready to leave the house and start my day, and that is something that always make me feel lousy. I've a strong work morale, but occasionally it doesn't reach beyond the theoretical aspect - I *want* to work hard, but I just can't make myself do it unless I have incentives (like someone expecting me - not so much at the archives)... This is obviously not going to be the most productive of days.

Secondly, in Norwegian, we've a term called "hybelkaniner" - lodging bunnies. (I know that the English term is "dust bunnies", but I prefer the Norwegian one...) Apparently there is a reason why the English language needs this word as well - they accumulate in the US just as they do in Norway. My room is a mess. I allow it to get that way because it's MY room, and nobody else goes in here (except the dogs, if they get the chance, but they rarely do). Also, it's been a busy few weeks, and my energy has been directed towards other activities than cleaning. This household has a lady that comes once a week to clean the floors, and my landlady asked me if I wanted her to cover my room as well. I think I answered vaguely (in an attempt to promote my "I don't want to be a bother"-ness), but in reality that would be nice. Especially since I don't know where the vacuum cleaner (if they have one) is. As it is, though, the cleaning lady does not do my floors, and the result is hybelkaniner. Another thing that makes me less of a happy bunny.

However, I do like bunnies (especially the non-dusty kind), and thus it is nice to live in a neighbourhood where they also live. I've only seen one bunny so far, which is about one for every 1000 squirrel, but it was a bunny nevertheless. Cuteymunchybunny.

Finally, back to the quote from the beginning of this post. The owner of the house I live in, Brian, told me the cutest story last night. When he was in kindergarten, the local school had a Christmas show where all the classes (including kindergarten) participated. The smallest kids were put on the stage and asked a simple question - "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Brian, apparently already then a joker, did not reply like every other kid did: astronaut, fireman, football player... No, Brian answered "I want to be a bunny."

The story is cute when it ends there. It's adorable when you hear the rest.

The teacher tried to explain to him that he needed to pick a profession, something people did for work, but Brian would not budge. "I want to be a bunny!"

Then the other kids started interfering. If Brian could be a bunny, why couldn't Jack be a cat, Lisa a horse and so on. Eventually, the teacher changed the question, so that every kid could pick which animal they wanted to be (if that was a possibility).

Now, you'd think Brian would be happy. However, when the teacher got back to Brian to ask him what animal he wanted to be (stupid question anyway - there couldn't have been a person in the room that didn't know that by then)...

"I want to be an astronaut," Brian said.

~ ~ ~

Now I need to get out of my Playboy-bunny look (meaning scarcely clad, not silicon accessorized), and start my day. Perhaps I'll spot a bunny (or kill a few dusty ones).

UPDATE: I DID see a bunny on my way home tonight! A real, live one, not a hybelkanin. So I guess it's 2 bunnies per 1001 squirrels (I saw a squirrel today as well).
NOT-SO-MUCH-AN-UPDATE (more of a public notice): This post was moved from my test-blog (which only I could read, so basically, that makes it a diary...), but I liked the randomness of it (a digressionist at heart), and thus I decided to move it. The test-blog probably will perish and die now that I finally decided to open a "real" one anyway...


Watery Tart said...

*giggles madly*

Love all your updates.

And I have some news on bunnies. If you get out of the house before it gets light in the morning, you will almost always see one (at least if DC has as many as Ann Arbor)--and sometimes you will even see a skunk or racoon. But yes... the squirrels will always outnumber.

Cruella Collett said...

Aha - I might have to not go to bed at all then, considering I somehow managed to adjust to the wrong time zone when I got here and consequently cannot get up before 8 AM for the life of me... ;)

But ideally, I should try that. I love walking around the area here, but the heat makes it almost insufferable. Pre-sunrise it shouldn't be a problem :) (Will try after my archive days are over - 6 km a day is enough for me at the moment)

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